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Is this a sad fact - or is it the result of our beloved MG TD's not finding a place with a new demographic of classic car buyers?

It seems to me that the TD has it all - one of the most classic (period) bodies mated to reliable running gear. I would much rather take my TD out than the TC (my arm hurts after a drive of over 30min just trying to hold the steering wheel straight), and I find it more of an exciting journey than taking the MGA T/C (especially at night - when one shines a torch down the hood at the mascot/temp gauge perched over the radiator - to check all is well).

N Ross

"Is this a sad fact - or is it the result of our beloved MG TD's not finding a place with a new demographic of classic car buyers?"
This ^^^^^

From my perspective there is a short term movement to muscle cars (at least in the USA) but I suspect that is going to end in the next 10-15 years too.

Pretty soon, IMHO, there is going to be very little market for anything that needs a lot of maintenance, has less creature comfort, low safety features, lack of power and not a huge public base of users. Unfortunately the TD/TF (as well as most older sports cars) just does not fit the above.

It's now a different world from when we were younger when some of those attributes where true or people just did not evaluate the others.
Christopher Couper

They never were high dollar cars..mass produced and impractical..I realized long ago that just because I like something does not mean there is anyone else at the party. I do not believe they will ever have any real value. That idea does not change my enthusiasm for them.. I just believe there are too many cars and no demand.

Regards, Tom
tm peterson

Supply and demand. The TD doesn't have the desirability of M.G.s that came before and after it and there are a ton on them out there. Hence the low values. The earlier cars have the pre-war styling and history going for them, while the later cars have the streamlined style and power that younger people are attracted to. The TD is unfortunately stuck in the middle, and from a marketing standpoint it should never have been built. M.G. should have gone from the TA/B/C straight to the MGA, and if it weren't for a lack of funds post-war, that's probably what would have happened.

A ton of TDs were sold, but only for 3 or 4 years before the public demanded something modern. Even the TC may never have existed if it weren't for WWII. Had the war not happened, the TB may have continued into the mid 40's (perhaps a TC would have existed in mid 40's as well) and then the MGA would have been born by 1950 in order to keep up with the rest of the world in styling. Even Jaguar had streamlined by 1948 with the XK120.

There are just too many TDs out there to hold high values, and their styling/power isn't what a lot of young people want in a 50's car. But that doesn't mean they're going away. It just means that younger people with an interest in old British cars will be able to afford them, and that isn't a bad thing.
Steve Simmons

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