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MG TD TF 1500 - Halogen bulbs for a TC

The chap up the road from me, is just completing a long, long restoration of his TC (he's 82) and he's at the point where he wants to put in some modern bulbs into the TC lamps. His TC is not an EXU, but rather a (UK) Home model.

I believe one of the regular correspondents to this BB, specializes in automotive lighting. I'm doing a little research for my friend and want to know if anybody knows if this can be done. There's no problem with replacing the adapter to accept an H4, but changing the lamps/bowls, is out of the question.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

Most of the hits come back to the LBC website...
I know there is a chap in Australia making/selling halogen for BPF lamps...both left and right, but can't find the URL

Gordon, if I'm not mistaken, there are 8"-7" conversion headlamp rings for the TC 8" buckets. This allows use of 7" modern lamps.


L Karpman

Talk to Jeff Zorn at LBC Co. I beleive that he is the North American distributor for the Aussie guy.
L.A. Leclerc

I got mine from Bill Tracy Jaguar Parts, but I replaced the bowls at the same time so I don't know if the sockets will fit the stock ones or not. It's a lead to check on though.
Steve Simmons

Gordon the URL for the Australian Specialist globe maker.

Anthony Pearson ??

Ian Fry

G. A. Clark -- Just remind your friend that if he has an original TC generator they are rated at 13 amps. Take away the ignition, 3.5 amps, and you only have 9.5 amps for the headlights. At 12.34 volts my regular sealed beams draw 10.3 amps (including the side lights). So he will be running discharge from the battery at all times the lights are on without even going to halogen lights.

This is probably one reason there are so few original TC generators(dynamo's) around, some PO probably set them up to put out more and then the dynamo burned out.

Just my 0.02 cents worth.



I get my BPF bulbs from Brown and Gammons (although they are not halogen) as they seem to be the brightest bulbs for those units! When I got the car it had perfectly round bulbs marked 'Royal' 55/40... best lights I have had on any car ever!!!!!

The maker of these halogen bulbs is Anthony Pearson in Australia. Go to the MG-TABC website and under Parts Suppliers you will find links to his web site and email.

I got bulbs from him for both my YT and TC. They are 35 watt, same as the original tungsten, so they do not draw additional current.But they are twice as bright as the originals and they fit perfectly in the reflectors.

Pearson also sells a whole range of other electrical parts suitable for T types. Get his catologue. Terry
Terry O'Brien

Terry, I found the website but no place to order a catalog. Where did I go wrong?
Jim Merz

Jim you missed it. Enter the site 2nd page I think and click on "Email us for price list and catologue". When I dealt with him about 8-9 ywars ago he mailed it to me. Pehaps he now has it online. Terry
Terry O'Brien

All very great information - many thanks, especially from Bob Jeffers. Never thought to calculate the load. Just assumed it would be easily handled ... and I would never have known about the original, home generator - many thanks.

Bob, I'm registered for the BI - will look you up.

Terry - like your idea about the 'new' 35-watt bulbs.

Will pass along all this valuable info.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Gordon -- I tried to send you an email off the BBS but it came back "unkown". Send me a quick note with a good address.


I've met Anthony Pearson while hanging out at car shows with Jeff Zorn. Any bulb in Pearson's catalog can be ordered through Jeff at Little British Car Co. Or, if you don't have Pearson's catalog, just e-mail Jeff with your needs. He probably as the bulbs you need.

Allen Bachelder

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