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MG TD TF 1500 - Headlamp Bracket Studs

Don't want to hijack Dave's thread so I'm posting seperately. I have one stud on each bracket that is obviously broken off, as they are secured from below by only one nut. Can these studs be replaced, or am I looking at new brackets? Thanks

L Karpman

I did a search for headlight Studs, yes they can be replaced, and it seems as if Moss has them,,,

Steve Wincze

Interestingly, on close inspection and after considerable sandblasting, it appears that my brackets were previously repaired. One stud was brazed on. So the answer in both threads appears that they can be brazed and that it is indeed possible to attach a new stud (simply cut a bolt up).

52 TD

I failed on both accounts. I always check the archives first, but for some reason came up short. maybe spelling? Also, I did not check the proper page in the Moss catalog before I posted. Sorry to waste time. DUH.

L Karpman

Have just picked up a new set of brackets...noticed after bead blasting that three are threaded up into holes and don't show from the top, and one goes through... is this just an error, or bad machining or repair? Will fill in the top of the one if it is weird...probably will anyway.
gblawson - TD#27667

The arms were threaded through and filled in at the top. I had to replace a couple of the studs on mine, which were original to the car. When I broke the stud loose, the filling material fell out of the top area, which was about one thread deep. I have seen restored cars with the top of the threaded hole showing and just painted over
The replacement studs are available from Moss, but a cut off piece of all thread or a bolt which is threaded long enough will probably do.
I filled in the void above the stud end on mine with an epoxy called JB Weld, and filled it smooth.

Dallas Congleton

I had my bracket powder coated and screwed the studs up tight before they were sent away. After two years there is no sign of rust around the threads.

Jan T
J Targosz

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