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MG TD TF 1500 - Headlamp bulb - how to remove?

Hi all,
Before I wind up breaking my headlamp bulbs can someone tell me the proper method of removing the bulb from the chrome ring? (I'm installing stoneguards.) I have the ring+bulb assembly on the bench. There are several clips that hold the bulb in the ring. Do I just "force" the bulb out from the front or do I somehow remove the clips or what?

Thanks as usual,
efh Haskell

Remove the W clips. Spring steel, they are cheap if you break one, and you can run without one if you have to.

Dave Braun

Use your long nosed pliers and grip one end of the clip and lift it from under the lip of the ring. Observe the orientation of the clips - they need to go back the same way.

Dallas Congleton

Got it guys, thanks.
efh Haskell

The next step will be to do the re-alignment when put back in. Checking archives refers to the lack of modern service places knowing how to do this or what non-existent "specs". Methods seem to be a) find a place that uses some special optical box or b) use the garage door/wall to shine lights on. Then use lower mounting nut to adjust but that seems to me will only allow side-side movement. How does one adjust the up-down? Archives point to adjusting screws but those they say are only on the TF. What do us TD guys do?
Randy Biallas

Randy, check, the wording under Fig. N.25 in the WSM. It says,"The headlamps are mounted on a spherical seating and can be set accurately when the hexagon attachment nut is slackened." (Gee, you'd think it would be an octagon!) It allows up and down, as well. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Guess I'm going to have to get an official WSM with all the thread references to it! I just have an equivalent workshop manual that I've used for years. Closely reading that again, it mentions stem fitting lamps can be swivelled in any direction. Looking more closely at the lamp bar, I can now see/feel how that is possible. Thanks Bud!
Randy Biallas


Park about 25 feet from the wall and maintain a level stance. Measure the height and width of the lights relative to the centerline of the car and transfer those measurements to the wall, accounting for any slope if needed. Make sure your centerline is perpendicular to the wall. Adjust the aim of the main beams on the marks, the dipped beams will go to the right place when driving.

Dave Braun

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