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MG TD TF 1500 - Headlamp cable size

I need to make up a new headlamp harness. Does anyone know what rating the cable should be. I was thinking of using 25 amp cable.


A R Jones

AJ, it appears that no one wants to tackle your query. What you're suggesting (25 Amp cable) is more than enough. It's overkill. I think there are some headlamps available that have 55 watt lamps. Two of these would be 110 watts. At 12 volts that's a total of just over 9 amps. Among other things, you'd have a fun time finding connectors that you could readily use in the car. Sorry. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

14 gauge American, or 28 strand by old Lucas reckoning, is more than ample and will show no measurable voltage drop under 2x60W lamps. Standard was generally about 16Ga American, which is just adequate. Head lamp pigtails as supplied by Lucas in later years were about 18ga Am or a bit less, and repro ones may be about 20Ga, either of which is not adequate. These show voltage drops of .15-.17V over 30 inches, not acceptable. 16 Ga is acceptable for pigtails, since they only carry one lamp. Note that the earth leads count too, and require the same size wires.

FR Millmore

AJ ,
I think what you are trying to ask is wire "size"?
I believe 12 gauge would be about the largest you would need for this.
Hope this doen't insult you , but just in case you didn't know ...the higher the number the thinner the wire. Example : a standard household lamp is normally wired with 14/16 gauge.
Is your car neg or positive ground?
When I converted to neg ground and re-did the "loom" on my TF I used a flat multi conductor readly avaiable "trailer wire". As this does not look very "period" on our cars I covered it with an expandable black nylon mesh.
If you would like to contact me off board I would be happy to take some pictures of the install and possibly help with some direction and needed components if you need that.
dsheward54 "at" gmail "dot" com.

David Sheward

If you are looking for period cable try they sell most colours in braided cable and you can buy it by the metre, they also sell all the connectors. I have used this company and found them to very good. Not pricey either.
Mick Cook

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