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MG TD TF 1500 - Headlamp installation??

I must be very stupid (no wisecracks please!)....No way can I figure out how to install the headlamps (sealed beams), into the rims....I get that the notch in the rim fits the bottom of the lamp, but that's about it.
I went onto Dave's website, and it clearly shows the clips against the rim of the lamp, and it appears that the legs of the clips go under the folded rim....Mine aren't anywhere near long enough to tuck under the rim, nor can I get more then one clip against the rim of the glass, without risking fracturing the bulb....
What am I missing? Can I get a closeup of the installation, along with tips on how to?...
Really frustrating!
E.B. Wesson

E.B. Wesson

I don't know which clips you have - they should look like these, They can be tricky. Some people try them upside down at first.
Attached is a photo of another lamp, but the method is the same.
Position the clip with one end under the rim, and the tab thingy as shown - then with long nose pliers, grip and position the other end of the clip under the rim.
Sometimes the clips have to be bent to get the correct shape and tension.
I usually tape the rim to the lamp with strips of blue painters tape to hold it in position until I get the clips all around.

Dallas Congleton

Found 'em:

Bud Krueger


Bud Krueger

Yes these are my clips, but I can't really tell from the photos if the loop part of the clip is going against the back of the rim of the glass, or against the edge of the glass...
Are the legs of the clips going toward the back of the rim or toward the front...Optical illusions, I guess...
Thanks for your patience with me.
E.B. Wesson

The loop is on top of the edge,and it's back is toward the body of the lamp. The legs of the clip are turned outwards and initial point upwards, if you have the lens tuned down for installation.

Start by laying the back of the clip on the edge of the lens - some lens have a little thicker "shelf" that you can use. Both legs of the clip will be pointing up and out, over the rim. Then position on "leg" under the lip of the rim, and follow by tensioning the other end down and under the rim as described before.
Dallas Congleton

Okay, Edward, let's try this. I pulled one of the53's headlights apart. The open ends of the clip go up into the edge of the chrome ring. The curved loop is toward the camera by the molded glass tab. Bud

Bud Krueger

When you get the above information down, as to which way the clip goes, get one clip in position. The second clip should be installed directly across from the first one. This will position the glass in the center of the rim in one direction. Now put the third clip at a right angle to the first one, and the fourth clip directly opposite the third. This should center the lens in the rim. Place others where you can.

George Raham [TD4224]

Thanks for all the input....
I tried to do this, but the lamp moves either up and out of the rim, or to the side, and the clip falls out...
I can't believe this is so frustratingly difficult for me.
I rebuilt the entire car, and can't seem to do this...
To make matters worse, the lamps only had 3 clips to begin with, so I guess I will need more....
If anyone has some extra clips that they don't need, email me.
Thank you again.
E.B. Wesson

Edward, 3 clips is the standard number. That's one for each of the 3 locating lugs molded into the lamp. I'd offer more, but the53's headlamp rings were used to stop the car at one point. Bud
Bud Krueger

I have seen W clips used in assembling glass/aluminium greenhouses. You may find them at a Glaziers, and need to cut back the legs to size.
Ian Bowers

I wonder how hard it would be to make one or two out of spring wire?...Worth a try, if I can't get a few....
Funny, you would think that a more positive and secure method would be in the design....Must have driven repair places nuts, trying to replace bulbs.
E.B. Wesson

Here's an image of the way my lamp was mounted before I disassembled the car....
To me, it appears that the clip-legs tucked under the folded part of the rim, and the "U" part is pushed against the back of the edge, not on the edge....
I guess that is why I am so confused...No way are these clips long enough to go under the edge, and against the back of the lamp....
Is there supposed to be some kind of seal between the front of the lamp and the rim?...If so, that is what I'm missing.

E.B. Wesson

You have bad clips or are doing something very wrongly. This is a 30 second operation. The identical Lucas motorcycle lamps have 5 clips usually, and they give no problem even on off road abuse. No tools to assemble and a small screwdriver to remove.

FR Millmore

Should look like this: Bud

Bud Krueger

It's very unusual for me to give up on a mechanical operation, but after spending hours (at least 4), and attempting to mount these clips in every possible configuration, at least a hundred times, I decided to make my own clips....
Making these took about 20 minutes, using spring wire, and they work well. Takes one minute to put in or take out.

E.B. Wesson

Here they are mounted...Legs go under the folded rim, and lock onto the back of the lamps...
Someday I'll get one of the experts on this forum to physically show me how it's done.
Thanks for the help.

E.B. Wesson

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