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MG TD TF 1500 - Hello ... new '55 TF 1500 owner

Hi -

I want to introduce myself and participate in the forum. My name is Lonnie Cook and I bought HDC46 / 7211 last week. I'm sure that I will be asking a lot of new-owner questions that you have probably answered a thousand times, so be gentle with me!

I'm new to British cars, but I want to learn and I'm not afraid to turn a (Whitworth) wrench. I've owned and shown a period correct 1954 Chevrolet 3104 pickup for the fifteen years. Many of the things that I have learned with the truck will apply to the MG - only on a smaller scale.

Unfortunately, I will sell the truck to make room for the MG and for my woodworking tools.

Lonnie Cook
Orlando, FL

LM Cook

They both look they fit to me :-)

Welcome aboard. You might find some useful information here:
Christopher Couper

Be prepared to be surprised at the level of engineering of these little british cars. They are not like the American iron, but once you understand them you will be amazed. Welcome to the world of MG. Be prepared for some fun!

Lots of information here and don't be afraid to ask!
C.R. Tyrell

Best advise I can give is to join a local MG club.
David Werblow

Fully boxed frame, independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering, four speed transmission, overhead valve engine and 12 volt electrical system all in 1950!
D. Sander

Hi Lonnie,
Welcome on board. I purchased a 1955 California Black Plate TF 1500 survivor in Feburary of this year. (HDC 46/8263)
I have found this forum invaluable, especially the search function. Many members provide outstanding advice that has helped me immensely.
Mark Stolzenburg
Chesterfield, Missouri, USA

Mark Stolzenburg

Lonnie -- Welcome to the forum and the ownership of a very nice looking TF. During my four years of restoration of my '54 TF, I developed a blog to keep track of the dismantling and restoration process over these years. It can be found at:
There are many very knowledgable folks who participate on this forum and they are more than willing and available to share their experiences and expertise. Good luck to you with your TF.

John Brickell

I have HDA46 8281 which is also a California survivor. I just finished a restoration. The only rust on the car was under the battery. I actually chipped off the factory welding slag on the frame before I painted the chassis. 57,000 miles. She was just to scruffy to leave alone, but a pure joy to restore. Perhaps she was shipped with TF 8263?

D. Sander

Have you found and joined the Orlando Classic MG Club yet? Lots of T-series people up there. George
George Butz

A quick check of the factory production records shows that both of our cars (TF 8281 and TF 8263) were produced on. November 30, 1954. To think, they left the factory on the same day, and they both were shipped to California, amazing!
D. Sander

Welcome to the forum from TF1500 7427 October 12 1954..."Izzy".
Possibly of interest:

David Sheward

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new TF Lonnie.


TF 1414
Frank Cronin

Welcome Lonnie :)

Quote "Unfortunately, I will sell the truck to make room for the MG and for my woodworking tools."

Sounds like a perfectly sensible move to me .... :)

Enjoy your TF - Your in the right part of the USA to do just that.

R. D. Jones

Welcome and best of luck with your TF. Florida keeps them youthful as you can see! TF 1500 HDC 26/9622 family owned since 1962.

Tim Moylan

Welcome. This forum is a great source of information and expertise on these wonderful little cars. My TF is also a California ex-pat, #7157 built on 22 September 1954 and shipped to San Francisco.
Jack Long

Welcome from TD 25009 (also California black plate). Like my TD and my one owner '77 F-100, I see both of yours are rolling. Do like I do and back them out when you do woodworking :-).

Have fun and Safety Fast !!

J K Chapin

Welcome aboard Lonnie !!

This forum is absolutely the best place for any questions, whether they be of a technical nature or just personal comments that we all exchange from time to time...

My TF 1500 (affectionately known as "Molly") brings me great pleasure on warm summer evenings, with her top down, and responds like a lady half her age when she is encouraged to do so ;-)

Cheers Mate,

Rod "Scotty" Macleod - TF 1500 HDB46/6798 ("Molly")

Rod Macleod

Thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome. Looks like I have found my home for all things "T". And thanks for showing your cars to me and giving the links.

I already have a question about a broken part of my transmission case. I posted it in a new thread "Broken gear box case at mount." I have received some good info. Looking for anything that you can add.

Thanks again. Looking forward to learning everything that I can.

- Lonnie
LM Cook

Hey Lonnie,
Would this help?
I just did a test with gmail accounts and was able to send a pdf of the workshop manual to another account.

Dependent on what your email will let through as far as file size I can email you a manual so you have it now! It's 10.1 MB file.

I haven't touched my "hard copy" for years ...just print the page I need ...get it greasy and pitch it when done.

shoot me an email to :
dsheward54 "at" gmail "dot" com
and I'll get it on the way!

Never tried this before ...have been making copies and sending cd to others for years!

Include your mailing address and I can send a cd with a bunch of stuff on it.
(Carb tuning ...ect...lots of good stuff!)

Welcome to the group.

David Sheward

Hi Lonnie and welcome,

Here is another site that is absolutely invaluable.

It's Dave Braun's MGTD 15470 web site. I have no idea how many pictures with descriptions that Dave has posted, but it is a bunch! There are a few differences between the TD and the TF but many similarities as well. Dave was good enough to post pictures of his entire restoration process with all the successes and a few failures for all of our benefit. It's laid out in a very rational and orderly fashion so that you can easily view photos of the area you need. A terrific restorer's resource. But, valuable for any maintenance task as well.

I am reminded that I haven't kicked Dave any money to help with the expense of maintaining his site in quite a while...oops! I'll go right now and check to see if the Paypal button still works. Thanks again for the resource Dave.

Please post lots of questions and even more photos, Lonnie. There are quite a few "T Nuts" lurking here on a daily basis. I've only been hanging out here for about three years, but some of these guys caught the T sickness ages ago. I have found the discussions on this forum to sometimes be fairly spirited but always cordial. A great group to be associated with.

Kirk Trigg

Welcome to this site! I have had my TF since 2010, and this BBS has enabled a T - novice to recommission and improve a TF which by now is capable of reliable long distance cruising.



JE Kristoffersen

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