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MG TD TF 1500 - Here are pictures of my 'new' 1955 TF

Well, after a very snowy and cold experience driving 500 miles round trip, I finally got my newly aquired 1955 TF home and in the garage. Overall condition is good but not it will need quite a bit of tinkering and eventually a repaint. I also confirmed that it is indeed a 1250 car. Original color was black I think. Current paint was a DIY restoration from about thirty years ago which is showing many signs of it's age; spider cracks and fading. Interior was also redone then in the green which is clearly not original but is in decent shape so i will likely not change it anytime too soon. No rust anywhere on the car though and it is pretty much complete minus a fwew small finishing details. Here are a couple of pictures.

I'm sure i will have lots of questions as I learn about this car. Just plan on cleaning it up for now and making sure it is running and driving safely and reliably then enjoy it for years to come.

N Else

I put a bunch more pictures here, Let me know what you all think.

Good purchase for $15,000?
N Else

Sorry, Bad Link.

Try this,
N Else

Looks OK to me. good luck with the car. Should be fun no matter what..
Tom Maine (TD8105)

A bit of Gunk in the engine compartment and she'll clean up well. I think the price was fair and I'm sure you'll be happy with her (it?). Congratulations and enjoy.
Gene Gillam

N. Else -- Don't be so sure the green is not original. My first "T" series was a TF1500, black with green interior. Yours looks like mine used to.(interior that is). I think you got a sweetheart deal on that car. Cherish it, drive it, and love it. It will return all that care and affection in spades.

I wish I still had that first "T" series!! My present TF 1500 is almost the last of them and is very close to my heart. Runs like a scared rabbit too.

Good luck with your new "T" series TF.
Bob Jeffers chrome looked just like that.....Autosol and a lot of polishing got it back......

top of grille is polished....sides isn't.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

N - According to an old article in the MG register bi-monthly magazine, the Sacred Octagon, for TF only, the third digit in your car number tells you what color was original from the factory: HDA=black; HDB=grey; HDC=Red; HDE=Green; HDP=Ivory, The article says there were 16 colors used by British Motors at the time but only these 5 were used on the TF. A 6th code HDH is primer only for cars shipped incomplete for assembly in "commonwealth countries".

Also in the article it says if the car is Black, the factory interior was either Red, Green or Biscuit. If it's originally Ivory, the interior was either Red or Green.

Terry Jacobs

Can you see any old paint on the back of the dash panel or under the black? The dash panel was usually painted to match the upholstery ex factory. Looks like you have the original bronze-ish paint on the instrument panel. Seat backs need to be removed and re-tacked with the hidden tack technique (assuming there is enough space between the piping and the back panel).
This car will come up well with some elbow grease. I would also get a little pot of white paint to touch up the flaws with a small brush before polishing. Wonder if vinyl welding will fix the roof?

Matthew Magilton

The cracks in the bonnet at the hinge location are caused by opening the bonnet and laying it down flat on the other half. I would recommend you not do that and go to Ttalk site and find out what other people use for prop rods to hold the bonnet up. Have a good day!

John Progess

John, I see excactly what you are talking about with the bonnet. I noticed the binding the first time I opened it and tried to lay it flat. Why didn't MG put a hood prop in originally? Seems like it would have been a minor thing to build into the car. I will check out that Ttalk site. Thanks.

Mathew, looks like it is red on the back of the dash. This might then indicate original red interior. I might find more to help figure it out during the clean up of the car. Any other tricks to figure out original interior color?
N Else

Brings back some memories!
One thing you might not have noticed yet:
Your speedo & tach are "reversed" ...tach "should" be closest to driver. Mention this only as mine was the same way and I didn't notice it for several years!
BTW: I would check out those wheels...could be a saftey issue. My old "48's" looked about the same and had many loose spokes. Not trying to "pick on you"...just want you to be safe. I run a set of Dayton 60's now, and love them wider and stronger and being able to run wider radials sure did a lot for handling.
Have fun ...sure we will be hearing from you.
Given any thought to having John Twist in Ada MI. give the car a "once over"?
I feel that was one of the best decesions I made on mine...well worth the small charge.
David Sheward

N. Here is a shot showing how the body factory sprayed interiour coloured paint onto the scuttle underside. This was so that the exposed metal between the crash pad and the dash matched the upholstery. You may see some red here under the cream paint.
You can check the wheel spokes by playing a tune on them with a screwdriver handle or similar. Any 'dud' notes will indicate a loose or broken spoke.


Matthew Magilton

Try rubbing the tarnished chrome with a small wad of dry aluminum foil,, I have had some very good results with it!!

Steve Wincze

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