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MG TD TF 1500 - Highest Price Ever Paid for a MGTD?

Saw this link doing a web search.

And what about the 1953 MG TD midget, the ex-New York International Motor Show car, once owned by The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors. Well perhaps Mr Majors had cashed in some of his worth, because the No Reserve, $30,000 - 40,000 estimate car went for a mind-blowing $111,625. Surely one of the sensations of Monterey 2004.

Chris Couper

Don't think we can count 'those' kinds in our attempt at pegging value? Celebrity for some unknow reason (brain death) seems to add charm/value to vehicles of all things. (Can't imagine there would be a "Lee Majors Museum" who would want it)?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

looks like an Inskip conversion four seater
F.P. van Geldern

Gee , what do you know... there is one born every minute. He could of had mine for $50,000!
K. McKenzie

So my retirement fund might be secure?
Bruce Cunha


I agree with my fellow Dutchman: it is a Inskip fourseater.

Erik vanHardeveld

This thread was discussed on 15/04/2006

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