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MG TD TF 1500 - Holcombe Armature Kit Installation

Just before Christmas we listed our wishes for Santa. In mine I mentioned a Holcombe Armature Kit for Lazarus. Some were curious as to what it was. I did get around to installing it and managed to grab some images while I was doing it. If you're interested you can look it up at
Bud Krueger

Hi Bud;

Does this kit installation provide any increase in generator output? My original generator was rebuilt from two units and works fine but I would like a little more output capacity for halogen headlights with some capacity to spare.

Safety Fast
Dick McCutcheon

The only way in which it might help is if you presently have an early generator that had the 17 amp output. The armatures in the kit are most likely the 19 amp variety.
BTW, I use halogen headlights and have no problems while driving, even with the heater and wipers operating.
Bud Krueger

This thread was discussed between 27/02/2005 and 28/02/2005

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