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MG TD TF 1500 - Hood suggestions

Hi all -- I don't usually venture over here onto the T-types, but I'm hoping you might be able to help. Doing the Wings Run in 10 days, and thought I'd better finally order a hood...I've actually been hoping to find a second-hand one (so that it doesn't jar too much, since the old girl isn't, shall we say, exactly concours) but no luck. The vinyl is cheapest, so that seems reasonable since I hope to never actually use it anyway...But what colour? The car is cream, with red grille and upholstery. Black is probably more neutral and easier to keep clean, but the tan would be lighter inside when the hood is up. (The MGA has a tan canvas top, and is much less gloomy inside than the B with the black top). Which would look better? Not too worried about "correct".

Gilly, you didn't say what model MG the hood is for. Since it has a red grille, I would be guessing TD. A biscuit coloured hood would be correct for a TD or TF and in my opinion would look better than a black hood on a cream car. If you manage to find a reasonable second hand hood I suggest you check it for fit and shrinkage over your frame.

Matthew Magilton

Yes, TD...I like the idea of "biscuit" but the tan one definitely looks digestives colour rather than shortbread, if you see what I mean, so in a way that would add yet another colour (I neglected to mention that her wheels are current the most revolting shade a green, but I'm hoping to repaint those soon!), whereas a black one at least matches the tyres...

Gee, no one has ever referred to my hood as 'digestives' before. Of couse in this neck of the woods I wouldn't accept anything less than ANZAC biscuits. What colour do you intend to paint the wheels? Silver would probably be correct, but red may look nice with your colours if you weren't worried about originality. (You could even try a red vinyl hood).

Matthew Magilton

Matthew - Some years ago we had a foreign exchange student from Sidney and she introduced us to ANZAC biscuits. My wife has been making them for us ever since. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Rasberry wheels would look nice, with chocolate seats to go with the digestive!
John James

IMHO...hope I do not offend anyone..."vinyl" just does not look right on a "T". Do you have side curtains? I would think that would have a lot to do with the decesion! A black vinyl hood would look really tacky with bisquit canvas side curtains. My TF allready had a black interior and black side curtains when purchased so the choice for me was stayfast. Even easier as my PO had installed the side curtains "inside-out"...(there is a differance!)...they were fadded on the "inside", but the "outside" looked great as they had been inside the car for 20years! A quick frame swap and bingo...looked like new side curtains!
Then again you could just drive fast enough to dodge the rain drops!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I think there are some very old (donated) side curtains decomposing somewhere at the back of the garage, and what's left of those is beige...I'm not really keen on weather gear generally. It's just for the metaphysical effect, whereby if you have the hood with you, it doesn't rain; whereas if you head off without it, you have failed to make your sacrifice (of luggage space) to the weather gods, and they punish you for it.

Speaking of "cookies".... the p/o had the car painted "black" with "white piping".... looked like an "Oreo" cookie....
Just painted the piping with vinyl paint the other night... 1/2" artist's brush - 6 or so yards of piping... Ok... i need a life (and i have all that mechanical stuff to do as well !!!!!)

June photos... one of the shots is my 91 year old mother saying "start it up...start it up"
g.b.lawson '53TD

G.B. Neet pictures. I love the garage (barn?) picture.

In your early May pictures, what were the knobs on the left of the steering wheel?
Bruce Cunha

I was told by the chap who had the car, that they are/were original optional racing toggles (???) Don't know who makes them (i find them and the plate they are attached to pretty ugly). Anyway... i assume there is a big whackin' hole underneath the plate and i'm stuck with them.... Think they must control the "lucas backup light" , turn signals, and maybe one of the driving lights.... haven't had a battery in it yet to see what works.
g.b.lawson '53TD

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