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MG TD TF 1500 - How to fit aero screens in TD

Hello to all.

After more than one year in stand-by, I now have time again to devote to my TD, which as some of you may recall underwent a restoration process for more than five years. During this time I have been reading your inputs to this forum, so I by no mean have been totally unplugged from the MG T scene.

In the last weeks I have been fixing some problems with the fuel line and pump, and now the TD seem to run fine, and I hope to enjoy it during the mild fall and winter here in the Mediterranean coast.

Excuse me for this introduction, but I thought I ought to explain why after several months, I suddenly jump into the forum, asking again for some assistance.

Some years ago I got two Brooklands aero screens, and I think it would be cool to install them on the TD. I have read some of your opinions and recommendations on that subject in the archives, and also know that if, how and where to fit them is a matter of taste and the particular car layout (windscreen down, tonneau cover, etc.).

However, and just for not having to drill twice eight holes in the scuttle I would very much appreciate if some of you who have the aero screens installed, would assist me with answers to the following specific questions:

- Should the screens be centred with respect to the humps in the cowl or should the drivers screen be centred with the steering wheel - and the passengers one in symmetry?

- Are the banjo-posts that go into the brackets pointed for or aft?

- What is the distance between the holes for the brackets and the edge of the scuttle? On both sides of the aero screen, please.

- What is the distance between the inner bracket and the rear-view mirror?

Than you very much for your help.

53 TD
Valencia, Spain
J Benajes

The fact of the matter the items you seek to install may or may not fit due to the hump of the hump and the low clearance of the screens...check it first. The ones in the day were of a different were the ones for the Jag XKs...they had "taller" side mounts which allowed the hump to be intergrated to a functional adjustable style. They are long gone as Moss Motors stop marketing them about 20 years ago for the T cars. XK similar style but different may still be had at about $600 US.

The rest of your inquiry is really a matter of preference and personal choice on each issue.
RAK Kirk

Just a thought . . .
I drove my TC for 37 years with the screen folded flat using the Brooklands screens for almost all the miles I drove her. I attached them to the car by drilling the lower windscreen frame and fitting them with acorn nuts on the "banjo-posts" I did have to have a glass company cut notches in the bottom of the glass to clear the posts. When the windscreen was up the Brooklands sat so they did not interfere with vision and cleared the tonneau cover. With the windscreen flat the Brooklands were positioned up and forward and worked perfectly. When I installed them I thought that it was cheaper to fill the holes in the frame and have it re-chromed than it was to have the scuttle re-painted if I did not like them. Even in the rain they worked perfectly.
Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

Kirk, your comments are appreciated. I agree that how to fit the aeroscreens is a matter of personal choice and taste. And ultimately, it is me who will have to decide where to drill. Nevertheless, the comments of the friends on that can be very reassuring.

John, thank you for your recommendation and for the picture. I had already read in the archives about your ingenious solution to fitting aeroscreens, which indeed solves some of the problems. However, I am afraid I would have to dismantle the windscreen frame -which I sealed with silicone- and probably grind the glass.

Any other comment or figures?

J Benajes

Put some masking tape across the humps and then you can draw the best positions by tracing around the mounting posts. The masking tape will also stop the drill from sliding across the paint when it spins.

Matthew Magilton

And a little tap with a punch right through the masking tape....

Hi Jesus,

Here's a picture of my installation. The dimensions shown are as for a plan view.

The centre-to-centre distance of the banjo-posts on my screens is 320mm.

The screen is centred with the steering wheel and the passenger side is symetrical.

It can be a fiddle - have fun!


D Padgett

Do you have to remove the glove box insert (I would think you would?)

I have them on both driverís and passenger side; second one is sort of a waste, as wife prefers wind screen up. Think about it!
David werblow

David, thank you for the detailed information. That is what I really needed!

Just one question more:

With these distance from the scuttle edge, are the brackets fixed on the inner dashboard wood with wood screws ? If not, what kind of screws did you use?


J Benajes

Jesus, on my car, at the point where the bracket screws are situated, there is approx 5-10mm clearance between the underside of the scuttle and the forward edge of the inner dashboard timber. I decided not to rely just on the timber for support.

Instead, using some steel sheet (1.5mm thick) I cut pieces (50 x 30) which are fitted into this space under each bracket and used stainless steel self-tapping screws. This arrangement spreads the load under the scuttle and doesn't rely on the timber for support.

Alternatively, you could use machine screws with large washers and nuts underneath.

See picture for another overall view.


D Padgett

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