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MG TD TF 1500 - Hurricane Sandy

Been watching the coverage of the damage caused by hurricane Sandy throughout the Eastern States. Our hearts go out to all of those affected directly or indirectly by the storms. We will kep you in our prayers.
Mick and Pauline Cook
Mick Cook

From the photos and videos I have been able to view, the property loss must be enormous, to say the least.

My thought and sorrow turn to those who have lost property or are displaced.

I am curious too, as to what MGs may have been victims of Hurrican Sandy.

We were lucky here in the Montreal area. Some light rain, a bit of wind, but mostly sunny and I was driving the TF with the windscreen down most of the week-end.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

We were just down there a few weeks ago for the New England MGT Register's GOF MK 92 in Long Branch, New Jersey. Beautiful area and wonderful people. I am anxiously awaiting to hear from our Register friends in the area. There were a lot of New Jersey and NYC area people at the gathering.
D. Sander

Wondering myself about our cohorts in the affected area. With the widespread power and services outages it may be awhile before communications are back up. Hope everyone is OK - guys in the area check in when you can. Best wishes, Dan
Dan Craig

Maine was relatively little affected - high winds and heavy rain one night, but that's all, other than a very high tide at full moon!

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Good deal, Tom. Looks like Mort is in the thick of it-several NJ and NY folks are regulars here. Looks like a mess. Dan
Dan Craig

I'm in Cape May Court House, NJ, and was in the direct path of Sandy.
The TF-1500, the Corvette and the Harley were all sharing space in the Garage together and came through unscathed.
We lost power for a day and the roads are still a challange with some flooding and trees down, but clean-up is moving ahead.
I'm one of the fortunate ones without any major property damage.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

Yonkers NY
Lost power 1st time in 22 Yrs little rain/strong wind but no damage at home, may be 2 Weeks before power is back! Or more.
Len Fanelli

Thank goodness we don't get hurricanes out here, but we do get very high winds at times and ice storms during transitional weather seasons and power outages are fairly common. I installed this a month ago and were ready if needed. PJ

Paul sr

Much fancier than my "back-up"!

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Thanks for thinking of us; lost one large tree but it didn't hit anything or person.
David Werblow

In my 72 years, I've never been in a storm of that magnitude, and hope to keep it that way. Like Mick said,
"We will keep you in our prayers"'

Bill Brown

Hoping to hear all good reports from our "right coast friends"!
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

I am in North Jersey.

About 20 Miles due west of NYC

Lost power about 8:30 on Mpnday night. It was restored about 1:30 Last night. I have two gas fireplaces and they kept the house warm. Gas stove top for cooking. No oven due to the electronic controls.

I live on a county road. They have a higher priority.
In my town 75% are without power.

The first night my wife and I talked by oil light watching the fireplace. We talked more than we have talked in many years.

last night I down loadeds some old radio programd on the cell phone. Jack Benney, Fibber Magee........ those, an Irish Coffee and a warm Vodka and fruit juice passed the night.

Ice and Gasolene are hard to find. Gas stations have lines a mile long. We only use the car to go to the food store and charge the cell phone.

My house is 600 ft ASL so no water problem. I just had the tree guy in and all the weak trees were taken down. One was a 98 year old Ash. A blight got to it.

Back up today and working on rebuilding the SU fuel pump.

Mort is further south and may have had more issues than I did.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Paul - We installed one of those a year ago after being without power for 3 days. Works great, but we have not experienced an outage since the installation. We found out that there is a 5 year grace period of no outages after the installation so your neighbors will be glad you installed it ;-) Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

Thanks Dave! Out here we just got away from the hand crank telephones and pony express mail delivery!25% of the roads are still dirt. Of course the newer telephone service isn't much better. If the power goes out, the water company shuts down as their aux generator never runs right and can't afford a new one. Even though it'll set for 5 years during the, "grace period", LOL and plumbed into a 1000 gallon propane tank, so no fuel problems, I'll have piece of mind. Besides, I need bright lights in the shop for working on the cars!(Grin). PJ
Paul sr

I wish there was something I could say to indicate our concern for those suffering from storm damage. Here on the Florida gulf coast we know first hand what you are going through. Looks like we have escaped hurricane season for one more year.

Safety fast for recovery efforts,

Jim H.
J. M. Haskins

Weathered the storm in a hotel in Bridgewater, NJ. Parts of the building trim flew off, but the hotel stayed intact. Everywhere else the power was out, but the hotel power stayed on; they had a generator. No food deliveries so they did what they could. Staff were stuck there too. It became a refuge for displaced families. Had no power at work so stayed in the hotel. Managed to fly out on Friday via Newark. My house in Margate survived with only roof damage. I prepped it before the storm, to the max. I even took down the flagpole. It is elevated so that saved it.

I bought gas on Sunday, anticipating this might become an issue. It is. The area is really hard hit. The government and Red Cross need to get food and blankets into the area. Many of my co-workers lost power. One irony is that a co-worker's husband, who is in the Coast Guard and was sent out to do rescues, lost his car when the Coast Guard parking lot flooded.

I consider myself to be blessed. Many others are having a very hard time.

Ira Spector (PA)

I just got my power back this morning. The storm came through hard monday night. Heavy wind and a lot of damaged homes from downed trees.

I had a pine tree fall on my garage with the TD inside. Luckily it was a very bushy one so that cushioned the impact. Outside of some missing shingles and damaged trim (on the garage not the car) everything was fine.

This morning I spliced the AT&T phone line back together that got snapped by the tree and my u-verse is up and running. I was not going to wait forever for them to fix it. So now to get the house back in order and put away the candles, flashlights and coolers.

All in all just a slight inconvienence compared to what others have suffered just 30 minutes away on the shoreline.
louis pascuzzi

From this site, George Metz, a TD owner, lives in Coventry, RI.

We were corresponding prior to Sandy hitting but I've not heard anything from him since the storm ravaged that area.

All are in our prayers.

Robert and Alicia Flowers
R C Flowers

Having been through Katrina I know how they're feeling in NJ. We're more prepared down here than they are there (more hurricanes to weather) so know to load in gas and water when we know something of that magnitude is coming.

Our best help came from the National Guard and church groups from up north...NJ's will be too once they stop depending on FEMA and the Federal Gov't.

Hope all our members are safe...fingers crossed for George and his family.
Gene Gillam


Our area of Westchester County, NY was hit hard by high winds and a small amount of rain. My wife took the pictures shown in this web site as an example of the damage. My daughter's house will not have power restored until this weekend at the earliest so the three of them are living with us. Our power was out for 50 hours but that is nothing compared to the 100,000 houses destroyed on Long Island or 111 houses that burned in Breezy Point Queens.

Jim Neel TD28423

Jim, Would like to see your photos, but your link is not clickable and too long and complicated to type in. Sorry. PJ
Paul sr


Highlight, copy and paste it into the URL box of your browser.

Jim Neel TD28423

Tried is asking for a password.
Gene Gillam

Working on it sorry.
Jim Neel TD28423

I second Gene about the help. After the three '04 hurricanes (especially Charlie), we had several church groups, the big box stores, friends, neighbors, relatives etc help in our area (mostly to the south and east of us). The local utitily had a huge staging area near my office- poles of all sizes, transformers, spools of wire, catering trucks, you name it. They flew helicopters over all of the major lines the day after to record and note damage. Hardest hit areas no power for about 2-3 weeks, just 5 and 3 days for me. Considering the entire grid was on the ground to our south, amazing most was restored so quickly. FEMA did a bunch of blue tarps (including one on the wrong house- ruined a perfectly good roof!), otherwise never saw them. Hope you recover soon and get power back quickly, and that our members we have not heard from are OK. George
George Butz

This is my first night on the computer since Monday last. Power back on yesterday. Camping out in your own house can be fun. NOT!

For us it was mostly inconvenient. No power= no heat=no phone=no TV=no refrigerator. With lots of blankets and some extra exercise ;)) we stayed warm enough. We had water and gas for the stove top.

We were lucky compared to many who lost much.

Dam hard to work under a TD with just a flashlight in your mouth.

Thank you all for your thoughts.

Mort (50 TD "Mobius")

Glad to hear that you guys are OK,,,


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