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MG TD TF 1500 - I have brakes...i have brakes...!!!!

Well, they are a bit spongy as i did them by myself with a jar full of fluid and a tube, however, they stay about 3/4 of the way up... Will take someone to pump the brakes tomorrow and see if i can get them solid.
Only had one leak at the left front and got it tightened up quickly.
The master cylinder certainly doesn't hold much fluid does it... kept overflowing it while adding fluid between pumps.
Drained the rear end oil and am ready to add new...the transmission and engine are next.
g.b.lawson '53TD

Gordon - Did you follow my advice and fill each wheel cylinder before putting everything together? If not you will have to work and work to get all the air out of the cylinders. If you dif fill the cylinders, then a couple of times around with and assistance following the "down...up" routine should get your brakes working fine. Every day gets you closer to lift off. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

Gulp.... ah, yeah... ah, filled them before fitting,, yeah...thats it... !
Darn... i knew i forgot something....!!!!!
g.b.lawson '53TD

Gordon - Take heart, some people have reorted no problem at all bleeding them the regular way without prefilling them, perehaps you wil be one of those people. If not, you will at least know what the problem is. The easiest way to fill the cylinder that have already been installed is to use a syrenge and detach the brake lines from the back of the cylinders, then squirt some fluid in.
Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

How does the fluid stay in the cylinder which is upside down on the front brakes? If you fill them before installing, how do you keep the fluid from flowing out on the one with the inlet at the bottom? Ron
Ron Coates

(That is one reason i didn't do them before....and i was too excited to remember)
g.b.lawson '53TD

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