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MG TD TF 1500 - Idling and Dieseling Problem Alleviated

For the past three years I've been trying to find remedy in the dieseling problem with my 52 TD.

Also, when warmed up, if the car idled for several minutes at a light, it would start to idle erratically and if I didn't blip the accelerator, it was prone to die.

I thought my pertronix Electronic Ignition, LU-146LSP12 and Pertronix Flame Thrower Coil would alleviate the problem. But no. And after three years, the car started to suddenly die after warming up. I could turn the switch to off and the Pertronix would re-set and I could crank it back up, go 1/2 mile before it shut down again. Annoying.

After many email exchanges with Bud Krueger, thank you again Bud for your time and recommendations, I sent my old wires cut to the proper length, along with the attachment acorns for the distributor cap to magnecor.

I discussed my problems with Steve Brown at Magnecor and he made me a set of plug wires and coil wires using my acorns.

They are the Magnecor 70 Series 7mm high performance ignition cables using Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductors and they're designed to conduct the total output of the ignition coil. They provide RFI and EMI suppression.

After allowing my car to idle for twenty minutes, I drove the car ten miles. The car has smooth acceleration, the idle remains smooth and constant without any variation and when I turn off the ignition, there isn't any dieseling.

Total cost, including all shipping there and back, $108.00.
R C Flowers

Remember next summer you posted this message in October.

Keep in mind, when the ignition is shut off and it diesels, your plug wires have no influence whatsoever.

Good Luck!

TOTAL agreement with Jim,, With the ignition off, the wires have absolutly nothing to do with dieseling,, Acceleration, idleing, YES,,, but deiseling NO,

Steve Wincze

Usually if the fuel mixture is right, it's carbon in the cylinders as head-piston tops. Sometimes the plugs can cause it. This can also cause rough idling when hot.PJ
Paul S Jennings

Guys, keep in mind that he was operating with an ignition that was totally out of whack. Would his combustion chambers have been carboning up? Oh Yeah!
His hard wire ignition cables were, indeed, the cause of his poor running and dieseling. His ignition system was was unstable.
His results agree quite well with mine from installing an LU-146LS Igniter with suppressing cables. There's a thread about it a little ways down this list. Bud
Bud Krueger

I thought the same thing that the wires wouldn't have anything to do with the dieseling.

Yet, here I am at the moment. And regardless of season over the past three years, the car would diesel when I turned off the ignition.
R C Flowers

I should add the PO and a mechanic had also installed the wrong reach plugs, .75" as opposed to the correct .5" reach. Therefore they were firing in the combustion chamber. Making a hot spot? I don't know.

I made the correction while I still had the original type plug wires that were incompatible with the Petronix ignition and coil. As a result the car wouldn't idle properly and would diesel.

The car no longer diesels and the only additional change was the suppressor wires from Magnecor.

Of course there was a lunar eclipse this morning, the fourth one this year......mmmmmmmmm?
R C Flowers

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