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MG TD TF 1500 - Ignition switch problem.

After seven years the TD is very close to finished but I have an ignition switch problem. All the pole are hot except H which goes to the headlights and horn. Is it possible that that pole alone is bad? Is there someone that repairs TD electrical switches? If not a new switch at Moss is $148.95. Thanks, JL
James Lea

James, I'm assuming that by 'hot' you're talking of having voltage, not thermally hot. Horn power is not connected to the ignition switch. Terminal H is only for the lights and its wire goes to the dipper switch. I'm looking at the wiring diagram on page N.23 of the WSM. The wiring is the same for earlier models. Your horns should work all by themselves, ,no ignition switch use necessary. Terminal H should become hot when the lighting switch is turned on. Do your tail lights come on when you rotate the switch? Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud. I'm on page N22 of the WSM. "Wiring diagram for cars with separate control and fuse boxes". I don't think the problem is in the dip switch. It is in the ignition switch which has no power at all from terminal H regardless of the position of the switch. I think it is kaput! Do I buy a new one or get it repaired and if so where? The side and tail lights work fine. Thanks, JL
James Lea

I think Dave Seabrook repairs them.
Bob Jeffers

As I haven't wired the TF yet, so some things are a little sketchy but, aren't the horns normally hot all the time and the earth side goes to the button? I seem to remember someone mentioned to wire them the opposite way for safety. ?? PJ
P. Jennings

Yes horns are hot all the time and it is Craig Seabrook of the Whitworth Shop in Novalty, Ohio who can repair any switch or gauge on a T car...
Terry Sanders

James, I'm curious if you bought a new horn/dipper switch. The one I got from Moss was wired incorrectly and I know of at lest one other that was also. Just an outside thought that it might be a contributing factor.

I bought the switch at Hershey several years ago trying to save a buck. It looks brand new but obviously is not. Thanks for the tip on Craig Seabrook. I'll call him tomorrow. Cheers, JL
James Lea

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