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MG TD TF 1500 - ignition switch workings

hello all-just put a new Moss ignition switch in '52 TD-(kind of a pain)----turning the lighting switch to the "S" position lights up the parking and taillights--
in the "H" position the headlights work and the parking lights go out-----is this correct----doesn't seem right--------thanks in advance

"doesn't seem right" - No, the side lights and tail lights should come on in both positions of the switch. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

thankyou dave----i suspect i have a bad switch-----i'll send for a new one------


I need to replace my ignition switch. Did you remove the dash or were you able to operate through the glove box. If you removed the dash, what did you do to protect the oil and temperature gauge lines?

Thanks Dan
D.J. Sexton

Hey Dan---I started to remove the dash but then quit as it was getting pretty hard. I ended up taking out the seats (4 bolts)-----Then I stuck in a heavy quilt, a pillow and a light to make things a little easier so I could lie on my back and look up. Yes I did remove the glovebox, I undid the directional switch and the dashlight switch. Then it was pretty easy to get at the ignition switch. Be prepared to lose the tiny nut that hold the wire retainer in place. I would also recommend making a chart of how things were hooked up-you may run into some "creative" wiring solutions--I did...Very creative---------good luck!!!!!!!!

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