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MG TD TF 1500 - I'm back

Haven't been here since last Spring. When the weather is nice, I drive it. When winter arrives I work on it. Now that a Chicago winter is upon us, I'll be addressing a leaky fuel pump, problem door catch, windshield wiper motor, and looking for good advice here. My how I love British cars, year round fun!!
J. McLeod

"I'll be addressing a leaky fuel pump" - First thing to do is tighten the 6 screws that hold the coil housing and pump body together. If that doesn't stop the leak, e-mail me. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

As always, thank you Dave. You gave me some very good advice last year. I was going to order gaskets and a new diaphragm, but that might not be necessary if I have a screw loose (on the fuel pump
I mean)
J. McLeod

To a fellow clansman -- nice to see you back on the site... Next Spring will be a long time in coming... The Winters in "our neck of the woods" are much the same as in yours...

Cheers mate,

Roderick Macleod (Of the clam Macleod)

TF 1500 HDB46/6798 "Molly"

Rod Macleod

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