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MG TD TF 1500 - import rh drive mg tf to france

has anyone taken a vintage mgtf to france and what paper work was involved . Am taking early retirement to live in my French house in Burgundy and would like to bring my cherished MG TF with me how do I do it? Can anyone help? Thankyou in anticipation of your reply, Rob.


We have someone here in Rockburn that makes a business of moving sports cars to/from the UK to/from Canada to/from France. He has a home here in Rockburn and one near Toulouse.

I'll be seeing him soon, but I know he's on his way back to France within the next several days.

Stand by. I'll get back to you by tomorrow (the 22nd).

On second thought, I'll bcc him on this. That way, you'll have his coordinates, and you can deal directly with him

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

both GB and France belong to the EC. For registration of your car you need a proof of ownership and that the car has been registered in GB. Getting a registration number is straightforward and is issued by the departement of the place you choose to live. I think an office will be in Beaune.
The car wil be tested to french road law[change headlamps etc]. RHD is not an issue. As you move permanently to France, you can declare your car as moving goods. In that case You don't pay french VAT or other taxes.
F.P. van Geldern

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