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MG TD TF 1500 - Installing ruber shock bush?

Does anyone have experience installing the rubber bushings on rear shocks? I've got the moss "Shock Bush Installation Tool" but it doesn't seem to do a very good job.

I can get the rubber bushing inside the links, but I can't get the mounting stud into the bushing. When I press the stud in, the bushing gets stretched between the point of the tool and its base. This tries to cut the bushing, leaving only about 2/3 of the bush remaining. Also, I'm using soapy water for a lubricant.

Thanks for any ideas!
Evan Ford - TD 27621


Try lubricating with KY Jelly. I don't know what the US equivalent is but the stuff is an aqueous alginate gel designed for lubricating medical instruments and catheters, also for lubricating condoms for more comfortable sex!

The car might appreciate a little gentle handling :-))

Thanks Paul,

Will KY jelly dry enough to prevent the parts from coming apart? I thought about trying WD-40, but I don't know if it will dry.
Evan Ford - TD 27621

Oh boy! Here we go.
Geoff Love

I recently did this as part of a restoration. I'll have to say it was probably the most difficult and frustrating project, but I was ultimately successful using soapy water and a bench vise to apply the pressure. Seems I also used various socket-wrench sockets to accentuate the functionality of the Moss tool.
Robert May

I agree apart from fitting a new pedal box and brake pedals it has to be the worst part to fit, another thing to check is that the holes for the bushes and the arm ends are very clean and smooth, copper ease is good for lubricating the arm as it is fitted.

You need to make up the "pin" which goes onto the link or bolt end. Look in the shop manual for a picture. I used Vaseline for a lubricant.


Try using petrol (gasoline to you in the colonies).

It makes rubber very slippy but then evaporates totally

Jan T
Jan Targosz

Thanks all!

I'll try again today. I'll let you know how it goes....

Evan Ford - TD 27621

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