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MG TD TF 1500 - Instrument lights

I did not believe that the integrity of Lucas electrical systems depended on keeping it sealed to avoid it letting out the smoke that makes it all work. Two nights ago, enroute to dinner, the smoke started pouring out from under the dash and I became a believer! The Lord of Darkness had appeared!.

The smoke and fried wires were courtesy of a failed solder joint on the speedometer light bulb socket. It touched the speedo housing and the rest, as they say, was history.

The next morning I took a pruning shear to the "christmas tree" instrument light string and grafted in a new wire. A stopgap measure until I can rewire the whole car. It is a beautiful restoration but when it came to the wiring someone became seriously unmotivated. Among other things, the 52-year-old instrument lamp holders showed their age. I want to replace them all. I know Moss and Abingdson can supply but is there any reason one can't fit modern (better) auto-parts-store bulb holders that need only

a)fit the hole and

b) either ground themselves against said hole of the instruments or have a separate (ground) terminal.

I am not a purist and in this case it would no more violate "authenticity" than the non-Lucas battery most of us install,

P.S.: any owner who does not carry a fire extinguisher should be condemned to driving a Chevie Cavalier. I did not have to use it (I shut her down and the smoke stopped) but I was mighty happy to have one at hand!

Steve Hess
1953 TD
Rochester, NY
Steve Hess

I bought my first Lucas-equipped car brand new in 1966 and there were three more until this TD and I never had heard that particular statement. Good one.

John Redman

I have found that the hole for the original lights is slightly larger than the diameter of the dash lights you can but at the local auto store. I had to bend the metal tabs that hold it in the bracket out and even then, they ocassionally fall out.
Bruce Cunha

This thread was discussed on 18/05/2005

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