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MG TD TF 1500 - intake manifold for H4 carbs

when i overhauled my xpag out of my early TD i discovered i had a large valve head. from a club member i got a pair of H4 carbs. is there a difference between intake manifolds between the H2 and H4 carbs? were the H4's used on the TF? if there is a difference in the manifolds, is the manifold for the H4 a bolt on? thanks. tom
tm peterson

Someone had put on MGA. H4 carburetor and large valves in my 52 TD. They used the existing intake and modified the linkage to make it fit. The stock intake was replaced with thin style air filter. The other problem was the horn is now in the way. I'm in the process of restoration so it will be returned to stock .
Gary Krukoski

If you put 1.5" SU's on the stock intake manifold you will have 1.5" SU outlets mating with a 1.25" manifold inlet and therefore a sharp transition that tends to modify and restrict the flow of air and fuel.

A number of years ago I installed 1.5" SU's and opened up the inlet to the intake holes with a vertical milling machine. This gives 1.5" flow path as far as possible without going to a new intake manifold designed for the larger carbs.

I guess I don't have an answer for your question of whether or not the TF manifold has the larger inlet size, but the MK. II and TF's do have the 1.5" H4's.

Anyone out there that can measure the TF's manifold?
Roy Challberg

This was just covered about a week ago, I think. In order to use H4s on a 1 1/4" manifold one needs to ream out the hole in the manifold and slightly elongate the bolt holes in the H4s was the jist of it.

JOhn, '52 TD/C
John Redman

T M Peterson --- I put H4 carbs on a 1 1/4" manifold and didn't have to alter the holes in the carbs. I did have to open up the passages in the manifold of course. I also opened up the cylinder head passages and narrowed the support where the cyl. head bolt goes thru the intake port in the head. Also I found that the exhaust manifold needed opening up to fit the SS exhaust system. All of this to allow the engine to breath better. It does.
Think Spring,
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

The TF does have a 1.5" inlet and the manifold straight section casting measurement varies from 1.21" to 1.25" outside dimension. Hope this helps. Have a good day!

John Progess

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