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MG TD TF 1500 - Interesting TF For Sale

Interesting TF For Sale - Portland OR CL Ad
Dan Nordstrom

Ads like that make me want to vomit.

Well, if your not going to restore it to original, that is probably not a bad way to go. Way overpriced, but I would not mind driving it.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha


Why do you feel that way? It appears to have been done very well. Not original, but still very nice.

Dan Nordstrom

If the conversions resolve the oil leaks I would like to have it parked in my garage.
G Evans

1982 MGB engine? Does that mean that the engine was pulled from the MGB in 1982? MGB production ended at the end of 1980. A nicely done conversion though. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

It looks nice but there are so many things wrong with the ad. Not sure I'd be comfortable with such a sales pitch, especially ending with "Do not call. I get upset with phone calls." I'm sure there is a good reason for it but perhaps not the best way to word your ad. Also I seem to recall that the car was only purchased a month or two ago. Guess they didn't like it. Might explain why there is so much misinformation in the ad though, they might not know a lot about MGs.
Steve Simmons

Here is the text. My problem is not so much the car itself, it is the over-the-top description - they must have had a surplus of adjectives on hand and wanted to get rid of some!

"Brickley", our gorgeous MG TF 1500, is for sale.
With more than $60,000 in original receipts, our car combines the best components of the MG T series with numerous upgrades including a 1982 MGB motor and transmission, an MGA rear end, front disc brakes, aluminum floorboards instead of plywood, and the luxury of a toasty heater.
The original Biscuit Brown interior and the highly polished chrome detailing accentuates a flawless black finish reminiscent of stately British automobiles. The Fold-Down Windshield, Wind Wings, leather wrapped steering wheel, and intricate wire wheels afford a unique experience and pleasure to driving on the open road.
Charming details include a luggage rack with leather strap, original cotton car cover, gas tank dip stick, Coach Doors, and original license plates.
By retaining the classic lines of the MG TF, one of only 3400 made between 1954 to 1955, combined with the doubled horsepower, better breaking and smoother cruising capabilities, "Brickley " is a dream to drive with incredible good looks.
Please study the detailed pictures.
Contact me by email or text at show contact info Do not call. I get upset with phone calls.


Yes, the description seems a bit over the top. Likely written by a "Car Salesman".
But I do think the car is rather nice. I'll bet it's a hoot to drive.

Dan Nordstrom

The price shows they dream big!
Gene Gillam

"one of only 3400 made between 1954 to 1955, combined with the doubled horsepower"
I assume they are talking about the XPEG 1500 vs. the XPAG 1250. I never knew the power was double...
Be well,
D. Sander

I think they are referring to 1800 B engine installed. Still.....double is optimistic.

M Brand

With all the superlatives I always wonder why the word brake is incorrectly spelled a majority of the time in these types of advertisements.

Just wondering.

James Neel
efh Haskell

It is a good looking car,a no it must be a nice ride. The b series engine is a real trick to fit, the steering collum gets in the way
Be well,
D. Sander

I can't say that I would do it to mine, but it sure looks like they engineered it nicely. I would drive it.

Alex Waugh

It is a very, very rare TF with that 1982 MGB engine in it and it even has a the famous weber carburetor on it, what else could you ask for. Where can I get one of those 1982 mgb engines? Grin. PJ

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