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MG TD TF 1500 - Interesting TF1250 eBay race car


Some interesting things here - and I am not being rude! The speedometer gear-modification box is interesting (see the footwell photo), and was perhaps done when a different rear end was installed (as today). The underbelly pan is quite fascinating (seems unlikely that it is really from this car). Seems a genuine survivor!

I have one of those ("This Car Made Expressly For") plaques somewhere, with John Surtees' name on it... It came on the dash of a VW.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Looks like a birch grey car that had a quick repaint. I'd love to see that aluminum battery cover and hear the story behind that. I hope whoever restores this car takes it apart carefully, a lot of stories there, I'd be a shame if they never get told or recorded.
D. Sander

Interesting car, that looks to be one brute of a radiator that has been installed.

G Evans

one of those battery covers was on ebay a few years ago,,
only the second one I have ever seen,,,


I want the gear lever knob!

The grille mesh looks good bit maybe a bit fine for optimum airflow?
Willem van der Veer

I mentioned it before, but has anyone else noticed the picture with the underside? Sure doesn't look like it belongs with this car...

Tom Lange
t lange

I noticed it. Seems one picture of the other cars he is selling got mixed up on this ad.

Noticed the Birch grey paint as well. Hopefully someone keeps it the original color.

Frank Cronin

Tom...did you go to the short link at the bottom of the ebay ad?

This picture was in the group - looks like "highly modified" TD rear end to me.

Gene Gillam

And 2 Borrani wheels on the rear. Good luck finding 2 more to match. And yes Tom-that pic with the catalytic convertor shown probably wasn't part of this group. Unless CA law kicked in somewhere along the way. Dan
Dan Craig

Look on picture 23, 25 of the link Gene posted. The exhaust tail pipe in front of the rear tire.

What's the chain for? Was this to latch to the door to keep it from flying open when on the track

Frank Cronin

I also took note of the body plate under the tool box lid. Most cars are secured with rivets and this one uses flat head button type screws. TF 9062 also is secured this way.


Frank Cronin

Borrani's are around, Dan; I sold a set of 4 a few years ago for $1,000, with hubs. I still have one wheel, hoping I get an Arnolt!

LOL Tom Lange
t lange

Did you notice the body plate has been put on top of the lid rather than on the underside? I would think they both have been taken off at some point.
J K Barter

Good eye JK. Seeing the other pics did I just notice. Interesting car for sure.
Frank Cronin

Its also not a TF body plate.

Yes, original birch grey paint in the engine bay.

M Magilton

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