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MG TD TF 1500 - Intermittent motor cut out problem

After running my TF 1250 (1954) for more than 30 minutes, the motor cuts out when I stop at lights (for example)and then start off / accelerate. Motor will not restart again until rested for at least 5 minutes plus. Have replaced distributor & rotor cap. RACV said at one stage the spark was getting through the coil but not through to the plugs. Generator is re-built, battery replaced - any ideas?
N C Hawthorn

I would first replace the condenser, and then, if that doesn't work, the coil. Both can cause problems when hot, but not at cold. Do you have either an old Lucas rotor, or a new red one? The new black ones are still not very good.

Remember, most carb problems are ignition - don't assume that you have fuel percolating.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Neil, was there any recent work done on the car just prior to this issue? What is your history with car...long time owner, recent tune up and service??
More info would be helpful. Regards, Tom
tm peterson

X2 on the condenser. Just had a similar problem on a friends car, and besides the horrible slop in the distributor, Jeff Schlemmer identified a failing condenser. Installed the rebushed distributor, with the new condenser, and all is good.
Dave Braun

RACV ?????? Who is that ????


Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, our AAA.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Neil - Some one may already have suggested this, but take a look at your fuel filter and test the flow rate to the carbies. It is possible that the fuel filter is partially clogged and/or that the fuel line is partially clogged. The car runs fine for a while but the fuel pump cannot keep up because of the clogged line/filter and the fuel bowls empty. After being stopped for a while with the ignition on they fill up and the car starts easily. If you have the standard pump next time the car stalls leave the ignition on. If the pump continues ticking it a sure bet you have a fuel starvation problem. BTW the pump may also be sucking air if there is a bad join somewhere
Aubrey Paverd

Sounds like a classic case of vapor lock. Avoid high ethanol fuel if that's an issue there.

IMHO, I do not think it is vapor lock,, VP gets blamed for a lot of things,,,, VP won't cause an engine to cut out while o=it is running,, VP will cause it to be very difficult if it is shut off and then attempted to restart in 15-20 minutes,,, A TF will not have tickler pins to enable you to see if the bowl are full, but I'm siding with Aubrey,,, a clogged filter some where,, OR,, the points in the fuel pump need replacing,, Can you hear the pump ticking over????


Sounds like a bad condenser...rather than replace it...get a pertronix and take the condenser out of the equation...
Bob Dougherty

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions - Hopefully problem now resolved. Have just taken the car for a two hour run in different traffic conditions. Distributor cap, rotor cap (Now red), points & condenser replaced.
N C Hawthorn

The fuel supply line runs very close to the muffler and I've thought of putting a baffle plate of sorts between the muffler and the chassis where the line runs past. While stopped, the heat from the muffler has no place to go. I had this problem with our MGB and put a heat shield sleeve on the line to prevent this problem, it worked! I wouldn't rule out heat soak on the fuel line, since it's only a few inches from a very hot source. PJ
Paul S Jennings

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