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MG TD TF 1500 - Is it spring yet????

Cold north wind... -18 degrees Celcius...
gordon.b.lawson '53TD


I assume you have upholstered your seats in alluminium foil to match your metallic finished grill slats.


Jan T
J Targosz

Gordon; I like the warmth of your fine auto but I do think that the helmit was too much. At this time of the year in your part of the country, driving an MG in the front room is the definite way to go.
Sandy Sanders
Sunny Florida
conrad sanders

No spring here for about another four months. It went down to -40C (-40F) last night sitting at a balmy -32C (-26F)now.
What is the coldest temperature that people drive these T types in?
Has anyone ever fitted a block heater?...not that I would be driving now anyways. Just curious.
Tim 53TD
Tim Mayor

What a shot Jan T !!!!!
Steve Wincze

Its not my fault...its not my fault... Chrome grille slats, chrome oil filter cover, chrome fan blades, front engine cover, starter and choke pulls... the p/o spared no expenses... (but I like them all)!!!!!!!!!!
gordon lawson

How cold is the coldest? It wasn't me, but in Dec '89 I saw a gent in rural VA in his loaded down TD during a cold snap that I know dipped to about -15F or so because on that same trip I had to replace the 20/50 I was running in my daily runner from then with some lighter stuff so I would be able to turn it over, which 20/50 wasn't allowing.
Stan Griffis


Having (in my youth) driven TDs as my everyday car for quite a few years, they are great in the snow and with a decent heater, a lap robe, a can of spray de-icer, a good pair of gloves and a fur lined hood on the parka, you can motor in a quite civilized condition. The flap under the side curtain, is included so you can attempt to clear the windscreen of accumulated ice. Gord's gaiters would be an impediment, but are an interesting thought. Been to single digits many times, with no problems.
Safety Fast

It was -10 F here this weekend and while the TD is snug in the shop, even with the heater going full blast, the concete floor is very cold to lie on and work on the underside of the TD. Got to find some nice thick carpeting to put under it.

I like the living room idea, Now, lets see, exactly how can I get it in there?
Bruce Cunha

It would be Massacre on Monkmead Lane if I brought my TF bits into the front room!
John James

What if you used the sink to clean and dry parts...?

(just before powdercoating a valve cover)
gordon.b.lawson '53TD

John / Gordon,

The kitchen dish washer is ideal for cleaning engine parts. The come out spotless and dry. Best to take the really thick sludge off with paraffin first though. Just an alert if you are spraying the nice clean and dry con rods and crank shaft with WD40 do it outside or your wife will notice the smell and know what you have been up to.


Jan T
J Targosz

Used my wife's electric oven once to heat up a wire wheel hub before shrinking it on the half-shaft of my 63 midget. What happened after she found out can be compared to "the mother of all war's". And I swear it was a NEW hub ! (Half-shaft and hub were oke though !!!) :^)
Cheers, Nick (63 Midget, 52 TD 19009).

Start with small parts that they don't notice, like instrument bezels, and grab bars... and offer to clean her "rings" at the same time... then move up to slightly larger parts... pistons and con rods... Soon you will have a frame in your living room with no problem...."but didn't complain when i cleaned your rings....."????

(this of course from a bachelor's viewpoint)
gordon.b.lawson '53TD

Should we all follow your plan, I suspect there would soon be more bachelors among us. Hmmm...
Regards, Steve
S.W. Swarts

Honest honey it will be OK ,,I said as I started to re wire the windscreen on the kitchen table . All was well until I noticed a tiny strip of the cork packing at the edge . I thought just leave it , no one will see it . But noooo I had to cut it off with a box cutter. It was only a tiny slip of the wrist and it only made a tiny 1/2 inch cut in the table but to this day I still feel it would have been better if I had slipped and cut my finger off , at least it would heal.
A.L. Gerstle

I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one wrestling with The Dilemma (it's too cold in the shed now!).

Can you believe I had to clean up the kitchen table this morning where the glue in the Y's delaminating dashboard was drying?? Why can't the kids eat their breakfast elsewhere?!!

I was muttering under my breath that you always read in the classic car magazines about thoughtful, understanding wifes and that I didn't have one (for a change this time, normally she's very tolerant and enthousiastic about my MG-antics) only to be "ordered" to put out the garbage as well; I made a hasty retreat to work afterwards!
Willem van der Veer

Or, she comes home early from shopping Saturday and finds the ring gear baking in the oven. Thinks you are preparing a surprise dinner? Then finds the fly wheel in the freezer! Ah well, she doesn’t have the same love of the TD as you do! John
John C. Hambleton III

It is 10F degrees here in Rochester, NY and I am nibbling on Zoute Dropjes just received for my birthday along with Hopjes (from Amsterdam, my birthplace). My better half is a psychiatrist who not only understands MG antics but it was her idea for me to buy one recently...we are not married and maybe that is why this all works out so well:) ...if she knew this BB existed and saw my note, it would be another story and both the TD and I will be sleeping in the garage and the Golden Retriever would have more room than usual in our bed.!
Steve Hess

Gentlemen, you need to manage your wives, just like any other person to whom you wish to sell an idea. First of all start out in the living room watching TV in your boxers. Scratch, drink beer and pass a lot of wind. Your wife will eventually suggest you find something else to do, and if you reluctantly suggest the car needs attention, she will be happy to support the idea. Then, when you need to bring the parts into the house to undertake that attention, her reluctance will be countered by the memory of the vision of you in your boxers. ;-)
Please, do not send a copy of this to my wife.

I tried to drive my TD on the weekend. At -45C, (-49F)the exhaust fog was so thick, I could not see in front of the car. so I gave up.

Glen Lucas, Winnipeg TD/C 18462
Glen Lucas was spring in my garage on Sat, 65 deg. We had our T-Car gearbox rebuild seminar for 4 hrs. Hot coffee, cider and bagels. Outside is was 12 deg.
colin stafford

I went out to the barn today to pick up the "spats" and was in the middle of a blizzard... slid open the door and drifts of snow blew in...all over my "radiatorless" front end... poor little TD... Spring seems so far away...!!!!!
(And the battery in the "winter" car is on its last legs and will never start in the morning... -22 C forecast)

My new web site buttons:
gordon.b.lawson '53TD

Just checked out your web site. Nicely done but back to school to learn who was the PM of Canada in 1953.
Terry O'Brien

Oh my goodness... well done... and the page has been up since May... Gulp... Ok, I will exile myself to Yellowknife for the rest of the winter......

Oh woe is me.....
gordon lawson

Hi Steve,

Well done! Zoute dropjes en Hopjes (I thought they were always from The Hague?). Most non-Dutch-born think they are poisened at their first bite of Zoute Drop!


Willem van der Veer

Gordon;; I like your pictures . but how did you get the stop light to work on the generator pulley?
Sandy Sanders
33* in Florida this morning
conrad sanders

Not only is the front pulley of the gen painted "engine red", but all of that white-ish looking stuff is chrome... "now where did i put that Auto-sol"???
gordon.b.lawson '53TD

Congrats Gordon on an excellent thread

J Targosz

Slightly off topic, but the belief is that Zoute Dropjes (Dutch salty licorice, for the rest) has a bad effect on your "transmission" which is to say it keeps everything in "neutral" and getting into "high gear" can become a problem. The answer is alternate between Zoute Dropjes and Viagara

Steve Hess

I thought dropjes only affected the vertility of the "transmitted matter" and only after eating kilo's a week, but combined with cycling (the Dutch national sport) that is also bad for the seed the vertility of Dutch men is at peril!!
Willem van der Veer

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