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MG TD TF 1500 - isolation

As our monthly Octagon MG Car Club meeting was cancelled because of the lock down we had it using Zoom. Nice to see and talk to all our members and see how everybody is coping. All the jobs we meant to do but were too busy driving to do are being attended to.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Our club has had to cancel two meetings and three events so far. And we aren't even nearly out of the woods yet.
Steve Simmons

Our British car club cancelled our monthly meeting as well as the club picnic slated for the 17th. In fact we will not have a monthly club meeting until further notice.

Our G.O.F here Florida cancelled also. See you next year 2021.


79 MGB
gary hansen

hei All. Every events is closed her in NORWAY.
meetings festivals. The only safe place now is in the garage together with the MG
Thoralf. NIORWAY TD4490
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

You’ re so right, Thoralph - sad and difficult though the circumstances are for so many people, there is a “silver lining” for those of us who share this enthusiasm for looking after old cars - or of course bikes, buses, stationary engines or whatever. For my part, I’m seizing the opportunity (being recently retired also helps) to completely gut (empty) my garage of 20+ years of accumulated “stuff”; organise and label parts for the current YA restoration, and generally tidy and put away everything else. I have zero time to sit watching television in the day time, or get bored. I just hope we all stay well, beat the bug, and resume normal life as soon as possible.
J P Hall

How many times can someone polish the cars, sweep the shed floor and rearrange the furniture and tools. A concern if we have to hibernate for 18 months.

Might have to polish the wheel nuts.
G Evans

Well gents, I agree that we all miss some of our freedom being put on hold for a while, but do whatever it takes to stay safe! Been said hundreds of times, but take it to heart, the family needs you and we don't want to see any vacancy's on this site either! Be well be safe!! PJ
PJ Jennings

Unbelievable here today, I never ever thought I'd see it here--But they had a helicopter out patrolling along the coast near home looking for people that were out and about against the stricter rules laid down for over Easter
William Revit

Well my suggestion is that you get in your car AND IF SAFE. start the engine then with your lap top/tablet/phone resting on the steering wheel or against the screen watch for example
there are many others that may help your frustration.
JK Mazgaj

Police helicopter patrolling Yarra river, Melbourne too.
M Magilton

In Queensland Australia we are limited to staying in our suburb, so "testing" the MG is permitted within our suburb. Lucky for me, we have "sports car roads" and no traffic !.

Tony, thank you for posting the QHMC document. My club is not a member, so can you send me an easier to read copy of the document.

My MGs are 5km away, in a different suburb, so I am reluctant to go and work on them.

Stuart Duncan

Only essential travel here now,food, doctor etc, I wouldn't dare go out with SI plates
Today they've shut down the big box stores like Harvey Norman, K Mart etc and 2 hospitals have closed with All staff in lockdown after about 30 of them got diagnosed positive, so about 150 and their families out for a few weeks and all the patients transfered 60Klm along to the next hospital
Think I'll be staying inside for a bit-------
William Revit

I used my TD yesterday to drive 3 miles to the local pharmacy in order to collect some prescribed medicine.
I got some strange looks and a couple of shouted insults, but as far as I was concerned, it was a legitimate journey, in keeping with the recommendations and I will plan to do it again as soon as necessary.
Just a thought... perhaps the insults were directed at my use of non-original screws on the dashboard securing the dashboard. (I used stainless ) Who knows?
IW Martin

It has got to be one of the only times in recent history, where we know a large percent of the population are sitting at home.

I am very thankful for my two MG's in the Garage. It keeps me from driving the wife nuts and gives me even more time with my cars.
Bruce Cunha

I am pretty fortunate as we live in farm country and have a few paved roads that are sparsely used, mainly by farmers and their families. One short road is up and down with many turns in it and about 10 miles long. Great place to run the car, no one patrols it, actually to get the Sheriff out here it takes about a half hour to an hour. Other than that, I don't leave the place. Like everyone else, I can't wait until this thing is over. PJ
PJ Jennings

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