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MG TD TF 1500 - It is April 1st in Southern California

Check out Moss Motors Facebook page. They are showing "British Cars" in Independance Day Parades. The first three pictures are of fiberglass M.G. TD kit cars being passed off as the real thing. At least the fourth picture is of a real M.G.
D. Sander

Here is a picture:

D. Sander

OMG. Total fail.

On a related note I got an email from Moss a few weeks ago urging me to participate in various forums because they are. Interestingly THIS forum is NOT one they support.

Maybe we now know why?
Christopher Couper

When Craig Cody was there we used to see him on here often. Nobody after he left Moss.

Thats a real WTF moment with the photos alright.
MG LaVerne

They were upset with my comments. Apparently, I don't appreciate fine replicas ...
D. Sander

Can't say I'm surprised. Disappointed yes, but I'm not surprised. However it does seem to accurately demonstrate the present level of knowledge & care within that organization. Al wouldn't be at all happy! Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I'm surprised that the Moss crowd showed those counterfeit MGs, and were upset that anyone would criticize them. After all, they can't make any money off them, so you'd think they wouldn't care.

We had a couple British cars in our neighborhood July 4th parade, including my TD and a nice Mk 7 Jag. Also a couple German cars, a nondescript SL and an absolutely lovely Porsche 914-6.

S Maas

Of course nobody wants to point out the elephant in the room of having British cars featured in the USA's Independence from Britain day :-)
Christopher Couper

Lazarus, my TD, has been a fixture in Plymouth MA's 4th of July parade since 1996. When questioned about a British car in the US Independence Day parade I simply refer to it as being "the spoils of war". Image from 7/4/2002.. Bud

Bud Krueger

Did moss take down the posting? I can't find it on their Facebook.
Kevin McLemore

I just looked and I could not find it either. They posted it at about 3:00 pm eastern time on the 4th. I can still find it on my activity on Facebook. If anyone is interested, pm me and I can send you a screen shot of the conversation. Apparently, Moss sells parts for the kit cars. The only things I can think of are bumpers and badges, nothing else would even be close to fitting. They took offense to my comment. To be fair, they passed along pictures of these kit cars, calling them British Sports cars in Independence Day Parades, and the license plate of the red Volkswagen said "1952 MG TD" and I called them out on it. They stated that the Volkswagen kit cars are "replicas" akin to the AC Cobra and Porsche 356 replicas. I am actually a fan of both of these kit cars.
D. Sander

I deal with these cars in the Entertainment section ...
Christopher Couper

Maybe they didn't like my comment on the FB page?

MG TD's...Really??
MG LaVerne

MiGi kit cars are nothing like the Cobra and 356 replicas. In fact a MiGi is not a replica at all. It's a VW Bug with a body kit that loosely resembles an MG TD. In my eye, they look more like an Excaliber (another kit car) than a TD. For Moss to recognize a MiGi kit as an MG TD is a bit insulting to the marque.
Steve Simmons

I drove the car pictured below in quite a few parades in the days when its lacquer was fresh and the chrome was shiny. It was a little bit British as the cockpit was MGA. It was mostly big Ford with some Harley Davidson and a lot of J.C. Whitney.


Bobby L.

B. F. Loughridge

Correction on the post above: The cockpit was MG midget of the '60s/'70s era, not MGA. Forgetful in my later years.

Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

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