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MG TD TF 1500 - It's the little things......

I've got about 100 miles on the TD and I changed the oil for the first time tonight. There was no seal at the oil filter cartridge. Zero. Nada. Not in the mounting recess, in the drain pan, the floor.

Hard to imagine, but it didn't leak a drop. (Lots of oil coming from other places though)

One wonders what else...... I don't want to think about it too hard.


What year is your TD? is the filter horizontal from the oil pump? If so, you probably have a gasket in the groove, but it has been in there so long that it is petrified. Since it is not leaking, leave it alone, don't even to probe it to see if it is the least bit elastic. The filter assembly in our TD was that way and we drove it for nearly 10 years until I restored the car, at which point, with the oil pump and filter base off and low and behold, there was a gasket in there - as hard as a rock. I spent some hours chipping it out and installing a new gasket, only to have it blow out shortly after I finished the restoration and the car back on the road an the way to an ABFM in Bellevue (just across Lake Washington from Seattle). I had traffic backed about 2 miles across the Tacoma Narrows bridge. I finally got the correct gasket in place (the middle size of the three that come with the filter) and I haven't changed it since. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Much the same story as Dave.My first TD, back in 1959, was ready for an oil change. Canister off and no apparent gasket. Even picked in the groove and thought it was steel. An old MG mechanic said do not put in a second gasket as it will not stay. Later on teardown I found a gasket in the groove that was almost as hard as a china cup. It had been there for years.


JIM HASKINS 1953 TD (A second TD)
J. M. Haskins

Dave - you had traffic backed up 2 miles across the Tacoma Narrows? Is there now a chapter of the "We Hate MG's" group in Seattle? :)
Geoffrey M Baker

Got me wondering.....

Maybe I'll have a closer look.


Well Dave. Be thankful your event did not happen in 1950 :-)
Christopher Couper

Nov 7 1940 would have been the day I would have wished to avoid, the day Gertie got her nickname. I guess my gasket would be petrified as well, after 44 years of inactivity, so I'll just leave it alone & see what happens on start up. It's now on my checklist. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

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