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MG TD TF 1500 - John Bibby and superchargers

Some weeks ago I wrote to John Bibby of Supercharge Engineering Services in Pontfadog, Wales. Today the letter has been returned to me as undeliverable and the reason given is the address is unknown.

Can any of the British contributors tell me if they have an up-to-date address, phone number or email address?

Thanks in advance.
G.E. Love

Try this address:

John Bibby Supercharges
72 Feiashill Road Trysull Wolverhampton West Midlands WV5 7HT
Contact: Mr. John Bibby 07941 098405
Category: superchargers

Gene Gillam

Thank you, Gene.
G.E. Love

If you are putting in an order let me know and I can share shipping costs with you.
Rob Silverman

The last time I inquired about superchargers from John Bibby I was shocked at the I remember they were approximately $6000 not including shipping.
Gene Gillam

The last time I spoke with him was 2005 when I purchased a carb manifold for my Marshall J75 from him. (It was beautifully made, fit perfectly and the price was very reasonable.)

Since then I tried several times (email and phone) but was never able to reach him.

(But if you do reach him, please let me know because I can use a few things.)

Mark Sherman
Mark A. Sherman

Rob, I am going to enquire about having my Shorrock serviced. My TD is undergoing an extensive servicing which, hopefully, will be completed by the time the warmer weather gets here.

Mark, I'll let you know if I get hold of him. He is a little... "different". I visited him a few years ago in connection with parts for my blower and reversing up a 1/4 mile steep, narrow cart track on a Welsh mountainside in winter, a just wide enough for my rented Mini to get through and trying to avoid hitting sheep, was an interesting experience. When you say you were not able to contact him, I presume he never answered any emails or his phone calls?

I'll keep you all in touch if I am able to make contact.

G.E. Love

A per pro my previous posting, does any contributor know of any reputable person here in America who can service Shorrock superchargers?

I am also interested in finding someone who can overhaul a magneto.
G.E. Love

Try contacting Ray McCrary at . I believe Ray had purchased a number so superchargers several years ago and if he's not working on/with them he may be able to steer you in the right direction.
Gene Gillam

Thanks again, Gene.

Can you give me a bit more info about Ray? Is he an enthusiast or an mg specialist mechanic, etc., etc.. Is he in the States?

Any further background information will be helpful.

Thank you.
G.E. Love


Ray is an enthusiast...has a TB and an M-type as well as a few other non-MG's. Lives in Tennessee and is a commercial pilot when not working on MGs...real nice guy.

Gene Gillam

Again, thank you Gene. I'll drop him a note.
G.E. Love

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