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MG TD TF 1500 - Just love these cars

Have had the B GT out of the shop for about 5 weeks now, but just got the time to get the TD off the jackstands and out of the shop. Unhooked the keep charged battery charger, pulled the choke, turned on the key and waited until the fuel pump stopped clicking, pulled the starter and within just a few turns, it fires and runs perfectly.

All ready for another great driving season. (I did change the oil and check the fluids prior to starting)
Bruce Cunha (1950 TD 4139)

They "sleep well" ...but they like to Goooo!
Mine sat for over a year once ...still fired right up and ready for fun.
David Sheward

My engine is going to set for quite a while and knowing this, it gets an oil change and Marvel Mystery Oil put in the cylinders. I've pulled engines apart that have set for a few months and found ring marks in the bores from a dry cylinder. Not saying that it'll hurt anything, I just like a clean bore, M.M. Oil seems to prevent this. PJ
P.S. Jennings

Marvel Mystery Oil for sure! I have had very good luck with it over the years. I have two motors in hibernation right now (1900cc for Opel GT & a 68 Pontiac 428). I keep MMO in them and turn by hand on regular basis.
David Sheward

I took a tip from my snowmobile. Buy a marine fogging oil. You spray it into the cylinder through the plug when you put it away, Never not done this with any of the engines I put away for any length of time. Can;t say it works or not, but why change.
Bruce Cunha (1950 TD 4139)

I had my TD engine rebuilt in around 86, sat for 20 years without ever being started. Used MMO and hand cranked it every year or so. It started in 2006 with barely a pull on the starter. Have absolutely not adjusted a thing on it (other than mixture). Bought a new valve cover gasket and planning on retorqueing head and adjusting valves, but so afraid of messing with perfection. Still want to do a compression test for the fun of it. If I only had the time. (I'm retired). Starting to build my 7th garage for the car. I found that I have built so many garages for the cars over the years with attached houses.
R.AF. Robert Finucane which is the hobby... MGs or Garages???
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

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