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MG TD TF 1500 - King of Darkness......Rear light out

I recently discovered that I had a rear tailight out.
Bulb will light for turn signal, brake light because that is a different filament.
The bulb is good as it works on the other tail light with light switch on.
All other lights on the car are working.
Anybody have a clue about this problem?
colin stafford

The contqcts in the tail-light assembly is usually a fiber disk with two contacts forced against the rear of the bulb by a spring. Corrosion can cause the disk to stick in the bottom of the socket or twist sideways until only one contact touches the bulb. Remove the socket and clean or replace if corrosion is too bad.

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1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

Jim....bulb must be making contact, as it functions for brake and turn signal. There are 3 wires that go to the socket, one for the socket body (ground) and 2 to the contacts.
Should I be able to determine which of the two socket leads is bad witha volt meter.
colin stafford

Use a voltmeter or stick tester (with the sharp pointed end/light bulb/ground clip) and see if the contact is getting power. Turn on the flasher, one contact should "blink", with tailights, the other should be constantly hot. If not, trace the wire back toward the bunch of connectors where it splits side to side (on the left frame railnear the left rear wheel). If one tail lite works and the tag light works, the trouble has to be in the very back of the car. I would bet on corroded socket however.
George Butz

Got it George......what I found was corroded bullet conectors that comes off the harness which is attached to the rear frame rail. A little emery paper and some dialectric grease and I'm back in biz.Thanks
colin stafford

Its prince of darkness and theres nothing wrong with LUCAS electrics you probably backed in to an SUV when trying to negoeate a gallon mug of coffee.
David Tinker

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