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MG TD TF 1500 - King of the Road emblems - placement

I fiddled and filed at the KotR emblems for my fender Parking Lamps and now they fit. However I still have these emblems for my headlamp buckets (or is that pronounced "Boo-Kays") but mine are not provided with corresponding holes, so I have to make them. Is there a 'plan' on how to do this?
John Redman


As I see it there will be a problem fitting the King emblems in the headlight (BOOKAYS)". The original holes had a recess that allowed the emblems to be almost flush with the surface.I have been playing with MG's for many years and have never seen a plan for installation.Regarding the BOOKAY family , I do enjoy their type of humor(or is it humour)ENZLO REIGNS SUPREME.
conrad sanders


I KNEW that someone (probably everyone) would pick up on that. I thought about the 'recess', too and thought about piening one in there before I drill the 13/16ths hole but I need exact measurements for the center of it all as well.

John Redman

over this side of the pond we usually call them headlamp "shells", now someone is going to say that they are things that are fired from guns aren't they!!
H.E.W. Walker

Dear Harry,

I have been ever so careful when I write about this beast to have my Moss catalog open and call each part as the book does. Now what did that get me? Besides, which reference is funnier, Keeping Up Appearences or war?

John Redman


My original brass headlamp shells were badly cracked - I believe it is called 'season cracking'. I managed to buy a replacement pair at an autojumble which were identical apart from the holes for the emblems. As you note these are recessed and can't be simply drilled / filed out. I made a simple punch and die tool with a bolt through the centre which did a perfect job. You don't really need a lathe - various sized washers will do but I would experiment with some scrap brass before trying it on the real thing. My 'new' shells are of thicker brass than the originals and needed a little more clearance between the punch and die. I also had to do the same with one of my side lamps but had to radius the face of the die because of the tighter curve of the lamp body. I am away from home for a week or so and if no one provides you with the dimensions I can post you the section of one of the shells from the edge to past the emblem hole.


Jan T
Jan Targosz

Dear Jan T,

If nobody steps in there first, I would love to see your (drawings?).

John Redman

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