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MG TD TF 1500 - King of the road package?

Nice '53 on ebay with all of the rare original options- wood dash, Brooklands steering wheel, nice threshold plates, aluminum valve cover, and only 10,000 mi. Unbelievable!
J K Barter

I cant seem to find this, do you have a number? I was unaware that one could get an original wood dash, did not know the factory did that type of stuff
Tom Maine
Jim Northrup

It is item# 160436904529

I was just wondering if this one also had the King of the Road package. LOL
J K Barter

Would be a lovely car with a restored dash.

Matthew Magilton

THat car is a nice looking car but it has serious faults. That dash is homemade. The speedo and Tach appear to be the only correct instruments. The complete center instrument panel is missing. The steering wheel is correct and it is the same as original and not a BROOKLANDS. Too much chrome on the engine but no chrome on the end panels of the gas tank/ direction light switch does not belomng in the dash but under on an L shaped bracket.The wires going to the fuse block appear to be mostly white. It could be a home made harness.
No photos of the underside could expose many other non original type parts.

I am pretty sure that there were no "factory" add ons. the dealers here in the US added a lot of stuff if the customer wanted but not the factory. I have called a couple of other club members and they agree. My 51 came with the King of the Road emblems in the headlights, they were chrome and I did have to replace t hem due to bad dings and dents. I found replicas in England thru Lew Palmer many years ago.
Tom Maine

On the Black MG-TD. That dash although beautiful never came from the factory. It and the Brooklands wheel possibly were installed by the selling dealer.
Look at the fuel filler neck. It is way too long and looks like a replacememt tank with a Moss neck and screw-on cap assy. No paint on the end panels.

Isn't this the same car we already discussed in the thread, "What looks like a realy nice 1953 td on eBay!"?

We didn't trust it then and don't now, it seems!

t lange

IMHO : If you have a car with under 10k ...why would you "restore" it? I would think doing so would actually make it worth less. They are only original once!
Beautiful TD but I would have to see some serious documentation to back up the "10k" claim... and then would still have some doubts that restoring it wasn't a costly mistake.
That's my 2 & 1/2 cents worth.
David Sheward

perhaps the text was changed but it now says 60,320 miles. regards, tom
tom peterson

I think there are conversations going on about two different cars- The black one is the one with less than 10,000 miles.
Even if the car has only been used occasionally for the last 45 years, I would want to make sure it had not already gone 100,000 miles in the first 12 years of its life.
It is a beautiful car but I would take its history with a grain of salt.
J K Barter

I can't see the black/10k miles listing. You guys are having too much fun with the "King of the Road" angle.

This is the EBAY number for the Black car. Just copy and paste in in to ebay search.

The seller is confident that the dash and wheel are original factory options, as seen in MG books he owns. I'm confident he is wrong, but there's just no convincing some people.

Sandy: I think the end panels are indeed correctly painted, just very shiny black and reflecting for all the world like chrome. There feels something funny about the door opening and rear side-curtain area, but maybe it's just the excessive use of lift-the-dot fasteners on the door. Oh - I see now, the top is way too high, and that exaggerates the door opening.

The 'original' mileage now shows 6,900. My personal feeling is that when a car is 'restored' (as this one is), the 'original' mileage becomes meaningless, especially as a selling tool as here.

t lange

I think the item number is: 160437148691

If the mileage is correct, his buy it now is not all that bad. Some of the TD's that have sold at Jackson-barret go above that.

I have never heard of the factory putting in a wood dash or that steering wheel. Not saying that it may not have been possible, but his statement on :"WHEN NEW, IT WAS VERY EASY TO CUSTOMIZE FROM MGS COMPREHENSIVE UPGRADE LIST" is BS.
Bruce Cunha

The dash was rexine and the wheel was the standard the dealers there would have been a display of aftermarket accessories.....just like today!

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