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MG TD TF 1500 - Knurled knob

My TD '53 is now "in hiding" (hibernating?) for the winter. I am already looking forward to April, when it will "come out" again. Spring will get a new meaning.
I am already beginning to plan what to do with it before I go for a long trip next summer, either to the Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway, or to the Scottish islands.
With an old car like this, there are always those small things to fix. The main thing will be to make the dynamo work better, I can not run the car with lights on without draining the battery. (In Norway you have to drive with lights on, all the time).
I also want to find one of the missing knurled knobs for my Runyan Luggage rack. Does anybody have a spare one?
Well, there are a lot of other small items I want to fix (an instrument maker/watchmaker is taking a look at the clock), but I will come back to that later.
Here is my son with the MG when we drove it home for the first time (from Gothenburg to Oslo).

Raymond Wardenaer

What is the service part No. on you dynamo? Can you find someone that has a "clip-on" DC ammeter? That way you can measure the output of the dynamo without undoing anything. Are those headlights halogen by any chance?
R. K. Jeffers

Hi Bob,
I am sorry I cannot answer these questions now, since my car is stored far away from where I live, together with many other sports cars and boats.
Raymond Wardenaer

Try this site for the knobs

Steve Wincze

I just tried the link,,, and it doesn't go to the knurled knob page,,,,, sooooo you must do a search for knurled knobs in the search box in the upper left of the page

Steve Wincze

The #28 knurled knob looks close - get a pair and they will match ;^)
D C Congleton

I think there are 6 (or eight) knurled knobs on this rack. And the knobs go into the end of the rods. So the one I am looking for must fit into the Runyan rack as it is.
So is the # 28 the correct size for this? Does anybody have the Runyan Rack?
Raymond Wardenaer

Raymond, my rack is not the Runyan, but is a AMCO brand, so I don't know if the #28 would be like yours or not. I think this was just a suggestion if you couldn't find an original.
On the AMCO rack, the knurled knobs are female threaded and screw onto studs for the two on each side brace, and the knobs that lock the main pivot screw on a rod. These knobs are also larger thread size.
I attached a photo of the AMCO rack for comparison.

D C Congleton

Thank you, DC. I did not know that other had made luggage racks that look like yours (and mine). As a matter of fact, I don't know which mark mine is, it may well be the same as yours. And my knobs are also female ones. Maybe I should just take a chance and get a couple of those.
PS. Is your car ivory? I wanted mine to be, but unfortunately someone painted it in Old English White.
Raymond Wardenaer

Yes Raymond my car is Ivory, also called Creme, which is its original color. Red interior.

If you determine your rack is an AMCO and need help with the thread identification let me know and I will measure mine.

D C Congleton

Going with LED tail, side & plate lights will save some juice.

I had to go that route with my trucks & triaxle trailer since all those tail, box & side marker lights were blowing 20 amp fuses.
jrn Northrup

Transplant an alternator and be sure you have enough amps. TD generators do not give many amps
Ellis Carlton

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