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MG TD TF 1500 - last minute checks on '50 TD

Hi all, I've decided to change out the 4 speed gear box for a 5 speed. Unit has been purchased and received. Since this is a RHD model, I will be pulling both engine and gearbox. I checked compression and appear to be in the workable limits on all four holes. 140 across 1,2,4 and 128 on 3. Is there anything else I should check before pulling it out? The engine has been a solid runner without any problems.
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

The trouble with pulling engine a nd trans is that one thing inevitably leads to another! While you are near it I would pull the driveshaft, check the u-joints and have the shaft balanced. Balancing the shaft makes the car feel smoother. Try to find the u-joints with grease nipples (eBay).

Since you're going to pull the engine as well, check all belts, hoses and mounts. Look down the radiator through the cap hole and see if there is any debris caught in the top of the tubes; if so, vigorously back-flush upside down with a garden hose.

You can also clean the firewall, re-paint as needed, and do the same to the engine.


Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

The manual told us to take off the sump every 20000km and clean the sump.

Is this still recommended?

Kieth, what 5 speed did you purchase?
efh Haskell

W, Mueller - in the best of all possible worlds, yes - there is all sorts of sludge that accumulates at the bottom of an engine.
t lange

Makes me wonder how many times I've gone 12,000 miles (20,000 kilometers) without having removed the sump for something, or another. I've always given it a bath before reinstalling it. Bud
Bud Krueger

You will need a new, shorter driveshaft, if the gearbox is a Ford Type 9, which comes in the very complete kit from High Gear Engineering.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Hi efh,

If you want a complete kit go for the excellent one from HiGear. However if you are a good fabricator you can buy a new bell housing from Andy King for about 200 and spend an enjoyable few days making up the other necessary parts.

Jan T
J Targosz

If you had a clean sump and are running modern oils, and you drive your vehicle regularly with seasonal oil changes, you will not have a sludge issue.
Regards, tom
tm peterson

Tom, no apologies needed. All that was on your list is on my list. Might as well make the best of it. I may even have the header ceramic treated to cut down on the heat. Good idea?
efh, I purchased the conversion from HiGear direct.
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

efh Haskell

I just created a message for you about my HiGear experience but the text has disappeared (see above). If you want my advice please email me at efhas @ roadrunner dot com.

efh Haskell

A number of people on here have reported having had the header / exhaust manifold ceramic coated, and are positive about it, despite the cost. The alternative might be to fit a tubular exhaust for a little more money.
Dave H
Dave Hill


Whoops. My email is:
efhask @ roadrunner dot com

Sorry, forgot the "k"
efh Haskell

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