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MG TD TF 1500 - Licenseplate application test tomorrow

Finally, the big day is only one night away: tomorrow, wednesday afternoon the 1951 TD 5652 will sign up for a licenseplate test. A formal governemental check for a cars legitimicy (checking numbers and its readability, verifying the documents) testing lights and brakes and steering, check if all bolts are ok and safety wired if applicable, check if petrol and brakelines are fitted correctly. So, today I rechecked and rechecked and it looks good. Tomorrow morning a short drive to the petrolstation and in the afternoon to the testlocation (20 km). I am pretty sure that accompanied by all of your thoughts she and I will pass the test. Greetings, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

WE WISH YOU GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!! With your proven ability, you should pass with flying colors !!


Car looks great...I'm sure you will have no worries!
David Sheward

Come a long way since that Youtube video a few years ago! Have you posted a new one yet?
efh Haskell

Good Luck, Huib. I'm sure it will go well!

Dave Braun


Quite a beautiful car! She and you are probably finished with your "ordeal" by now. I know she did well.

Jerry Chandler

Huib, the beautiful appearance of your car should have a great beneficial influence on the inspector. I am sure it will pass!!!!!
Jim Merz

Thank you guys. Indeed, she came a long way since back in june 2003 and her color has changed. Greetings, huib

Huib Bruijstens

Beautiful! Wish mine was a tenth that nice! Wasn't quite stage yours was in either!
Randy Biallas

Wonderful! - from boxes of bits to that. And heaven knows trhe effort that's gone into it, too.

A friend of mine once bought a frogeye in pieces. He struggled for a year before it overwhwelmed him and he sold it on ..... in slightly bigger pieces than he'd bought it, but in bits nonetheless.

Tom Bennett - 53TD 24232

Good luck Huib, I am sure the car will pass its test. Matt
Matt Davis

YES!!!! Test passed, everything ok. Very happy now and in five days I'll get the licensenumber and can have the plates made. Thanks for all good advice and wishes, greetings, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

That is exactly what we expected from a craftsman like you,,,,,


Huib, you gotta give us a YouTube tour and ride! I'm desperately in need of some inspiration now, especially in the dashboard area. I'm so close but so far away. You know the feeling I'm sure.
efh Haskell

Very nice! Good job. George
George Butz

Your car looks great. Now enjoy the ride. If you run out of things to do, my garage is open.
Mort TD 1851

Ed, here is a close-up from the dash. I changed the central dash plate and instead of the the sockets I made two holes, one for an extra dash coil wound warning light (bought from S-V-C in UK) that is connected to the brakelights and one for a indicator switch that I can operate with one finger whilst holding the wheel.
I spend many hours to get the bead around the dashdoor.
I wanted the color of the wheelwood same/close to the dash.
The oilpressure meter and ampsmeter swapped position and now my codriver can easily also keep her eye on the oil.
Hidden here are the bolts that hold the central dash. Somewhere in THE archives I found the suggestion to make longer bolts and use wingnuts at the back in order to able to take out the central dash easily. The hole in the backdash is same as hole in frontdash to allow the bolts to come through. I bought some stainless lcokbolts, a friend with a lathe worked the heads into the small shapes like original and i polished them. So, thanks very much to the BBS member who ones made that suggestion. Greetings, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

Beauitful car Huib,

The craftsmanship on your steering wheel is just amazing; the whole car is really beauitful.

Richard Taylor TD3983

"YES!!!! Test passed, everything ok."
Never a doubt in my mind!

Now the fun part ...getting it covered with bugs!

David Sheward

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