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MG TD TF 1500 - Lights and turn signals

I have two issues that I'd like some help with.

1. I installed a badge bar and installed the Moss running lights on the bar. See image. Well they do not come with any wiring harness. Can you give a lead where I might buy two of these. Any experience working with these would help.

2. I have a TD without turn signals and have decided that it probably is not a good thing so I know I can buy a switch etc, but like above I need a add on wiring harness to make these work. Any leads or experience with this?



JWP Policastro

The standard harnesses have a whip for both installed in the harness. Of course, what the previous owner installed is what you have to work with. Regards, Tom
tm peterson

As Tom says you should find this wire attached to your steering box. Its connected to the fog lamp switch on the dash. You will have to create the wires from this that distributed to both of your lamps as the original only assumed a single center mounted lamp.

Chris Couper


When you say "Running Lights" will you have these on with your side lights as well - from the ignition switch? Or will you switch them on from the spot light switch on the dash?

Here is the wiring Diag form the WSM for the Winkers
that may help you.
There are several things you will need to purchase. Front side light lamp holders for double filament bulbs and the bulbs, Relay unit, flasher unit, Suitable colored wire, Dash switch and holder.
It is helpful to have an indicator light on the dash as well to see when they is working. Like the later TD's.

R D Jones

Here is the colored wire legend.
You will need a bunch of that as well, if the harness does not have it already installed?


R D Jones

Moss used to have a harness and entire kit to add turns to existing non-turn harnesses. The guys are correct above, there should be a single wire by the steering box wired to one of the panel light switches (for fog lights). George
George Butz

Since you don't have the turn signals in your harness, you can do one of 3 things. One..forget it. Two.. replace the harness with the wiring for the turn signals and buy the Moss turn signal conversion kit. the Moss conversion kit and add the wiring needed for the turn signals. Two wires running to the rear of the car, two going to the front..all from the relay box. additional wires from the fuse block to the flasher and relay and from the flasher to the turn switch.

Chris' picture shows a red/white wire leading to the fog/driving lamp. The ones in all three T harnesses that I have dealt with are red/yellow. You will have run a separate ground wire from both lamps back to the ground connection in your harness or other suitable location and also run an addition hot wire to the other lamp.
MG LaVerne

Thanks. I do have a switch on my dash to turn the running lights on and off and I did find the wire in the front you mentioned. I will give Moss a call on Monday.


PS MG TD was a no sale at $26,000. Nice looking car.
JWP Policastro

If the lights are new no reason that the suggested wiring will not work. If second hand use a wire from the hot side of the battery to assure the lamps and still functional. My PO had the same lights which are still on the car. I call them driving lights. Mine, if used with the headlamps cause more than 20 amps draw. The TD generator is rated at 19 amps. After a long drive you could draw the battery down or overheat the generator if yours are as current hungry as mine. Look at the ammeter after you get them working.


Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

Jim that power usage is amazing for this old car. I would have never thought of that angle. Thanks I will check that out.


JWP Policastro

My 1950 MGTD came to me with an old steering wheel mounted direction switch [arm with green light at the end of the stalk cica 1950s, North American]
I have spent hours getting the rear lights to work properly. I now have left & right Front & rear direction lights working properly and I have the rear & front running lights working but I have only one stop lamp working.
A previous owner rewired the car with two strand lamp cord. At this time I do not want to rewire the entire car.Using the Wiring diagram from Rod I have a few questions. Where/what is the origin of wire # 17,is it simply the hot, 12V source? In the direction relay box are the bottom two identifications numbers 19 on the left and 20 on the right?
And finally, can anyone direct me to a source for a wiring diagram for the old 1950's after market direction switch? I recall purchasing one in 1956 and installing it in our Fargo pickup truck.
M Wadds

Morris, the green #17 wire is switched 12v, i.e., hot when the key is turned on. It gets connected to either that #19 (right), or #20 (left) turn condition. Bud
Bud Krueger

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