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MG TD TF 1500 - Lily Christine IV is STREET LEGAL

Another milestone crossed!

I filled the tank yesterday and put on the tonneau cover and checked everything over; and this morning, I took Lily Christine IV on her longest drive in a decade; a full 10.8 mile round trip to the DMV and back! I wanted to go early to avoid the heat so I left about 7:40 and got there just at opening time. Drove into the Lane 1 inspection line and handed in the title and explained there was a title problem (one digit was wrong) and they took it from there, she passed the inspection with flying colors. An hour later, I was in line to get a new registration & sticker and now she is legal.

They got all worked up over a couple of small issues on the title and corrected the body type (2DRSD to RDSTR) and changed it from midget to TD.

Pretty much everybody in line wanted to hear her whole history of course!

Driving home, she seemed to just purr at about 50, idled perfectly, and even as the temps were rapidly approaching 100 degrees, never rose over about 180 on the water temp meter, which makes me think she'll be just fine in this heat, but that six vane impeller pump sounds like a good investment.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice over the years that has contributed to this day!
She's sitting in the shade now and won't venture out until dark, but that's only because the driver is a more of a wimp than she is in this heat!
Geoffrey M Baker

Very happy to hear the news! May you have many hours and miles of pleasure from LiLy Christine. Sounds like the many hours of work and frustrations was well worth it. Good luck with the car. PJ

Oh, How about a picture!
Paul S Jennings

You bet! Here we are, off to the DMV!

Geoffrey M Baker

Super. I know you are proud!
Larry Brown

Oh, and you to Geoffrey :-)
Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Congrats, Geoff. Bud
Bud Krueger

And what about a picture of you coming out of the DMV?
Should be landscape format to fit the smile...
Mike Fritsch

Congratulations Geoffrey and wish you many happy tours, huib
Huib Bruijstens

Looks like both you and the car are smiling!
Mort 50 TD

Congratulations Geoffrey, a very significant achievement. It is also encouraging to those of us working towards the same objective. Thanks for sharing the moment.
M R Calvert

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