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MG TD TF 1500 - List hardware floorboards TF

Does somebody has a list of the hardware needed for fitting the floorboards in a TF?

How much dished washers , bolts, wood screws, etcetera?
Length of screws/bolts?
John van den Boorn


Here is a link to source a complete kit:

Unfortunately a list of individual components is not included.

G Evans

> Floorboard Fasteners
Click this link to open the file. Then click on the "download" icon to download (downward ponting arrow with a bar across the tip)

> Installation sequence (third post in the thread):

> It the installation sequence link doesn't work, then search the archives for Thread Title:
Floorboard/prop shaft supports

LM Cook

Error in the Floorboard Fastener link. Click this link, then download:

LM Cook

The hardware to secure the sliding cover for the brake cylinder access is not included in Roy's drawing. As it's a part of the floorboard installation, I've included a pic of that section of an original floorboard, showing one of the Tee nuts. The thread is 2 BA which was confirmed by installing a brass 2 BA machine screw as shown. Roy's drawing is of a pair of LHD floorboards. The table accompanying the drawings suggests that all TF/TD hardware is Phillips head (which I assume is correct for a TF? Rob, Matt?). Worth noting that the TD fixings however were all originally slot heads. Cheers
Peter TD 5801

P Hehir

check with

They have almost everything around and prices are fair for all.
M Grogan

Many thanks for the link Lonnie!!!

Great info.
John van den Boorn

There was a gradual change over from slotted to Phillips which did not always match the model change. I would expect most TF's to be Phillips.
Attached a pic of my RHD pedal area.


M Magilton

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