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MG TD TF 1500 - Looking for a 1953 MGTD Steering wheel

I purchased a 1953 TD a few months ago that was in dry storage since 1959. I was trying to sell it but recently been thinking about just fixing what needs to be repaired. I already have a fully restored 1952 MGTD so thought why not have a unmolested TD to drive about looking as it is without restoring? With that being said, I am in need of a presentable steering wheel at a reasonable price. If any of you have one to sell please send me a picture and price. This way I will have a before and after set of TD's. Also, where is the best place to get a windshield and seals? Thanks Russ

Russ Little

Your chrome looks just like mine did before I got at it with Autosol.... it will clean up fine.....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

If it is unmolested, think about the NEMG "T" Register SURVIVOR CHALANGE fo TD's At the 2013 G.O.F. !!!!!!!!!!


I think it is wonderful that you are leaving the car "unmolested"...not many of those still around.
Wish I had a wheel for you.
David Sheward

Russ, If you disassemble your windshield frame, your best bet is to bring the old glass to any competent glass shop and have them use it as a template for a new pc of laminated safety glass. I used the flat seal from Moss and it was fine. When you re-assemble the frame, use a bench vise or clamps to squeeze the parts on; don't use a rubber mallet. It will be a tight fit because modern lami glass has a thicker membrane. If you use the replacement screws from Moss, be very carefull to compare the length against the old screws from each location. The Moss screws are all the same length and some will need to be cut. If not they will hit the glass and it will crack.
I have a Moss repro wheel. Aside from the solid color rim (as opposed to origional marbelized), it looks pretty good. If you check around, you will find someone like Little Brittish Car Co. or others who offer a discount off of the Moss price.
Steven Tobias

X2 on the local glass shop. Got mine done for less than 40 bucks. I'm not aware of any suppliers even offering the glass anymore. Used the Moss seal. No vice needed. Discovered another use for KY Jelly. Every thing "slipped" together nicely. No greasy residue after cleaning with a wet cloth. Best to reuse the hidden screws if possible. I think it would be a shame to restore it if she is still sound.

I did my windshield after a re chrome, used Moss seal and KY. did check the screws and did have to grind a few down as they hit the glass and would have broken it had they been tightend down.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I do hope you will consider entering this car in the NEMG "T" Register SURVIVOR CHALANGE. It sounds like it is a contender. I am anxious to see the original cars on display.
D. Sander

More details in Bud
Bud Krueger

I have a wheel which I believe is origina with marble finished Bakelite rim, and in fairly good condition, just a few cracks. If you email me offline I can send some photos.


Jan Emil
Jan Kristoffersen

That is my 1953. George Butz came over from Orlando and was kind enough to inspect my find and those are the resulting pictures. I have attached another photo with the 1953 and 1952 sitting side by side. The restored one has the standard rear main seal leak which is quite common. I am waiting for the catcher that is being designed for those td's that have the ribbed oil pan. Will be glad when that is fixed ! The Dodge Challenger SRT8 does not compare to the oldies :)

Russ Little

I'm in Manchester, NH and have a rather good condition vintage goldish-color one. $250 plus ship?

John Redman

I sent you a direct email -- very interested. Thanks russ
Russ Little

I have a nice wheel that I replaced with my wooden wheel. $100 would be fine. It was fun building the wooden one if you've got the time. I'll include the wood all cut and routed if you want to do the finishing. What does your present wheel look like? If its just a steel ring you are 1/2 the way to making a wood wheel.
cj schmit

Hi Russ - I knew of a fellow that had a few, one was a NOS and was dated (don't remember the date). Not sure the cost but might be worth looking into. Drop me a note if you are interested and I'll look up the info for you. Kathy
KQS Kathy

Thanks for all the responses.

My 1953 unrestored TD is on a trailer heading to Venice, Florida with the new owner. His first task is to get it operating and he is undecided as to what level of restroation he will do. I did pass on to him this website as I think the members and content are just fantastic. Still have a fully restored 1952 TD so will still be watching all the interesting comments. Russ
Russ Little


"If its just a steel ring you are 1/2 the way to making a wood wheel."

I have taken my steering wheel down to bare metal. I'm very interested in any input you have regarding recovering your old wheel with wood. I remember seeing pictures somewhere of this being done but, my woodworking skills are nowhere near what my metal working skills are. My original wheel was beyond hope imho. You be the judge!


Kirk Trigg

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