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MG TD TF 1500 - Looking for background info - TF

Good morning. I’ve recently taken over the bills for TF HDP46/7873 (bulkhead plaque and chassis stamp), Engine 1729 (plaque and engine) and Body 18401 (plaque inside toolbox). It’s a solid, clean little car with lots of spirit and I’m putting more miles on than I’d planned enjoying the country roads around here.

From what I’ve gathered, 9,600 TF’s were produced including 3,400 TF1500’s. Moss Motors indicates TF numbers 2178-8643 were made in 1954 which would seem to indicate a manufacture date for this 1955 TF1500 of around mid November. Is there anything I can do to further research its history? Why is the body number so high?

I understand this was originally a California car and the toolbox has an additional brass plaque engraved “Restored at Abingdon West by Gary, Grover, Pat, Lennie, George & Steve. Completed Dec 15/77. Handcrafted for Mike Smith”. Can anyone shed any light on this company or these individuals?

The car was acquired at a Laguna Beach dealership in 1982 by a gentleman who shipped it north and has cared for it since with apparently very little annual mileage; which brings the tale to me and I’m on a steep learning curve. Moss Motors and this site are tremendous resources. Any other suggestions?


PS. What does ’BBS’ stand for?
Steve Gee

Congratulations on the new TF1500. Drop me an e-mail with your return e-mail address and I will send you a copy of my TF registry. With the addition of your TF I have 858 listed. Have TF listed from around the globe, Japan, Jordan, Sweden, Great Britain, Australia, Tasmania and Italy. Have several cars listed close to yours by chassis number. Its an EXCEL file wich lists as spread sheet.

Cheers Jeff
jeff payne

Congratulations on your TF, Steve. I'm sure you will enjoy it for a long time. It's definitely worth it joining Jeff's registry (it's free, after all), because it helps us record the history of these cars. I'm still waiting on the previous owner of my TF to provide the ownership history he said he would provide at the sale some two years ago.

BTW, 'BBS' stands for 'Bulletin Board System', which is a computer system for posting and reading messages. I used to operate a dial up BBS on an old 286 starting around 1990, but once the Internet got rolling, there was no reason to keep it going. Still, I wish I could play a good game of 'Legend of the Red Dragon' somewhere. That was a cool game! Mostly text, but kind of clever.
Mark B.

Gday Steve,
The "P" in the chassis number indicates the colour, in your case Ivory. (Cars this old have often changed colour). Ivory cars came with all three interiour colours: red, green, and biscuit.
Body numbers commenced somewhere in the low 9000's and ran through to about 20600 (I'm not sure why).
You can obtain a little more history about your car by applying to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust and for around 20 Pounds Sterling you will recieve a certificate with not much more information than what you already have, although you will get the date of production.
I recommend Jeff's register.
Good luck.

Matthew. # 9097
Matthew Magilton

Welcome to the TF brother-hood!
For sure drop Jeff a line for the "Regestery"...the price is right!
Here is a link to BMIHT....well worth the $40/$50 for documentation from Abingdon on your car:
Also check out the excellent site Chris has put together here:
That one will answer most questions on the coding & such.
{If you have trouble with the "links" me direct and I will re-send them to you "off" the BBS.}
Your Car is very close to mine # till you get the info on yours I can tell you TF1500 # 7427
XPEG 1212 Body #18004 was built Oct.11/12 1954 and dispatched for delivery to the US on Oct.13th 1954.
Welcome...cheers and have fun whilst cornoring robustly!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Hello Steve,

I'd like to get in touch with you. Do you live in Chelsea?

Could you pls. contact me at the addr. noted.


Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Steve...we own HDC 46/6688, XPAG/TF 36351, Body 17240.
I think are car was built in Aug of 1954.
Your body number seems about right for the build date.
Obvious that this is a 1500cc.

Welcome to the TF collectors group. Get registered on
colin stafford

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