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MG TD TF 1500 - Lowering my TD. What blocks to use?

I want to lower the TD an inch and a half or so. I was looking under it and it looks like the springs are the width of my midget and the axle pipe is about like the B. I was thinking of using Midget lowering blocks and getting a set of longer u-bolts made. How have y'all done it. Anyone got some blocks to sell. For the front I am cutting some old B springs I have and installing a B sway bar. Paul
PJB Brouillette

paul, are you sure you don't just want to pick up a miata or one of those BMW roadsters?? regards, tom
tom peterson

Yes, quite sure. Paul
PJB Brouillette


Taking coils off a spring will stiffen it considerably, and increase the pressure load given the same compression distance of the original spring. Given that the MGB springs are heavier already, shortening may create a suspension on a TD with no give to it.

Dave Braun


I used TF leaf springs on the back of my TD - they were re-arced at the factory to provide approximately 1 1/2 inches of drop relative to TD rear springs.

On the front I used red MGB track springs from Killer Beez racing. They're about an inch shorter than a stock TD spring, but they are considerably stiffer [550 pounds tensile, I think] I won't know how successful those are until we get out in April and see how they work on regular streets with real potholes. The concern that they're too stiff for the chassis might be a valid one - I'll let you know in April.

I was also going to use their MGB dropped spindles, but my big alfin drums were set up for MGA spindles so I decided to finish one project at a time. I'll see how the summertime driving is with just shortened springs before I start experimenting with front chassis height.

I'll include a picture of their dropped spindles. I'm not sure what they will do to the geometry of our front ends - I think that most B racers like to run with a fair bit of negative camber, but I'm not sure about how that will affect our TDs.

best wishes - it sounds like you're embarking on a fun project.

Dave Jorgensen

Dave Jorgensen

Paul, I'm wondering if you could just reverse the shackels on the rear and have the springs ride above the hanger instead of below it. Should get you a pretty good drop if the workings will clear the fender.

Hmmm, good idea. I will look int to that.
PJB Brouillette


Contact me by email with your phone number...I'll put you in touch with Mike Lewis over in New Orleans...he vintage races a TD that's been lowered and can tell you what needs to be done.
Gene Gillam

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