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MG TD TF 1500 - Lucas L494 Reverse Light dimensions

I'm looking to install a reverse light on the TF, but running out of real estate on the back of the car. Does anyone have a Lucas L494 reverse light that you could provide the dimensions? (L/W/H). I've not been able to find that info anywhere.


Jim Rice

Hi Jim

There are some measurements in this ad.

William Revit

Thanks Will! This will help determine where, or if, I can install one of these. Jim
Jim Rice

I'm afraid they are pretty much useless as a reversing light. About as much light as a pocket torch unless you have a modern globe system.

M Magilton

I have a copy reversing light on my car and it is fine. It has a halogen bulb. I have the similar light on my Morris Minor.


Declan Burns

Matt: Do you ever drive your TF on the road? Every picture I've seen of your car over the years has always been in some sort of off-road rally event! LOL :)

Declan: I've run out of above-the-bumper space, so plan to install the same as you did on your TD. I'm looking to use an led bulb. The original Lucas bulb is a 382. It crosses to a 7506. Those are readily available, and as an LED. The LED version is supposed to be "plug & play", much brighter, cooler to the touch, and less power draw. I assume they should work in a L494 fixture with the existing car wiring and without having to add/modify anything. Not sure if that's wishful thinking or not.

Link to an example below:
Jim Rice

And here is another option if you can find one. A Lucas Model 661 I fitted to my Morris convertible circa 1965. Measures 5" X 1.75" X 2". I probably should upgrade it to an LED bulb. Came with a pull switch with a small warning lamp.

John Quilter (TD8986)

Thanks John:

Does it take a bayonet type bulb like the 494? (Lucas 382 or a standard 7506..or something similar, i.e. 1156/1157?) A couple 661's here in the U.S are ridiculously priced. More are available in the U.K, and even with shipping costs, are much less expensive. No pull switch comes with any currently for sale.


Jim Rice

Not sure of the bulb number but is is a common single filament bayonet bulb. Illuminated Lucas pull switches are on Ebay.
John Quilter (TD8986)


I ended up buying a used vintage WIPAC Reversing Light. Similar in shape and size to the Lucas 661. Interesting background on the company, and a reversing light that was used on a number of older British cars. Still in business making newer lights. I don't need the pull switch. I plan to wire it to the transmission switch I installed a number of years ago.


Jim Rice

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