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MG TD TF 1500 - Lucas PL700 Tripod Headlights on a TF?

I'm in the process of restoring the gem of my collection, an MG TF, and need some advice. Moss Motors is advertizing reproduction Lucas PL700 Tripod headlights, but doesn't state their size. Will they fit my TF?
Steve S.

Can't speak with authority about your TF but they fit my TD just fine (and I THINK your TF also).

John, 52 TD/C
John Redman

I have seen a number of TF's with "Tripod Headlights" (and like the look...toyed with the idea of putting them on mine as well). My guess would be "yes" but Moss should be able to tell you for sure...let us know what you find out ..ok?
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Why not go the original route and find a pair of A 700
Lucas headlamps. I appears nobody wants them.
Look on eBay...I just picked up a pair, NOS, with bulbs, never used. $9.50. What a deal!
I have the original lamps in our car and needed a spare set.
Colin Stafford

Why not go the "Original" route and find a pair of Original Equipment Lucas A 700 headlamps? The car already has those. A pair if Boy Scout flashlights would make about as much light as they do. The Lucas PL700 Tripod Headlights are "Period-Correct" accessory items, so they lend a certain vintage individuality to the car without provoking the Purists into apoplexy. Period-Correct accessories aren't very easy to find for this car.
Steve S.


I've had a pair of Lucas PL700's on my TF for years. They fit fine and really add to the look of the car. I have them on my TD and also on my B. All three cars also wear a pair of Lucas driving lights to complete the look.

I have photos of the cars I would be willing to share if you want to E mail me your E address.

George Herschell
George R Herschell

Are the driving lights that you're talking about the reproduction Lucas SLR and SFT lights? How good are they?
Steve S.


They are the original driving lights and have been on the cars since the early 70's. I restored my TD then and had the chance to buy three sets so I jumped at the chance. I have them on the TD , the TF, as I said and also on my sons Sprite. The ones on my B were dealer installed options when the car was new. I bought the car from the original owner so these are the original lights. They worked out fine for us and we've depended on them on a number of occasions when driving at night through some extremely bad rain.

George R Herschell

Thanks for the encouraging input. Where and how do you have them mounted? Any pictures on the web that I can look at?
Steve S.


Sorry I don't have any photos on the web any where but I do have some here I would be willing to send to you. The B driving lights are mounted on the grille and are the rear mounted type. The T series are base mounted and are mounted on a badge bar on both the TD and the TF.
Sorry I don't have photos on the web but I could shoot some detailed shots if you want and e mail them to you.

George R Herschell

Mine has the Tripod and Lucas driving and spot as well...assume they were put on in '67 after the rebuild....
gordon lawson

I had a set of PL700s for years in my TF, and with a tungsten filament bulb, they only looked good; and as Steve has noted, are about as effective as a pair of Boy Scout flashlights.

Since I like to drive at night, I replaced the tungsten filament bulbs with a halogen conversion that was a good improvement, but sumarily burned off the enamel on the tripod centre.

Now I am using a pair of the latest Sylvania Silver Star H6024ST sealed beams, and they are a significant improvement over the tripods with a halogen bulb. The only complaint I have, is that I need to be turning over 1,500 revs to keep the ammeter needle on the plus side.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Now, there's an interesting grill treatment! Good picture, nice car.
Steve S.

I've heard mixed reviews on modern Tripod lamp reproductions. Some said they are fine and others say the focus is all out of whack so the brightness and spread are poor. Perhaps QC is not what it should be and quality varies from lamp to lamp?

As for spot lamps, I have two original SFT462 lamps on my YB and those suckers put out some light! They are at least as bright as the 7" incandecent sealed beam headlamps above them if not brighter.
Steve Simmons

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