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MG TD TF 1500 - Lucas TF generator originality

I am trying to figure out what the original TF generator has as markings on the outside. I am running the original coil and flasher box on my TF, both dated. My car was built 3-9-1954.
I now want to have a correct date generator. All the ones I have seen have LUCAS stamped into them, along with numbers and the date. I have a 1957 on mine.

I just got an "original" generator casing from Abingdon spares. According to my MG service manual, it is the "correct" updated part C 39PV2. It also says
22258D, LO and 12V. It is dated 2-54. HOWEVER, it does not say "Lucas" on it, as the 1957 and later ones I have seen do. Maybe they didn't put Lucas on the earlier ones or what gives? Any help will be appreciated.

Keith Murphy

Keith, my March 1953 TD has the original 1(Jan)53 generator and it has Lucas on it, in hollow letters. They are visible in this photo just below the radiator support rod. My spare generator dated 2-52 also has Lucas on it.


D C Congleton

My generator, which I can only assume to be original is marked:
Made in England
C39PVDA41 (1st ltr is hard to read)
12 V (arrow) 654

Did you get the tail lamp plinth pictures?
Colin Stafford

FYI: our car TF 6688 was built in 12 August 1954
Colin Stafford

Thanks guys - very helpful. Seems like I have a correct part number, but with the LUCAS name not there! Just when it seems simple, it isn't, when you are trying to get an original dated item. I have never seen one without Lucas - guess you have to ask all the questions when ordering!

The book says later cars (meaning later TD and TF I think) have a part number C39PV2 which mine does. It also refers to a Service Number whatever that means - and it should be 22265B like Colin's. But mine is 22258D. I was just trying to get the Lucas and the date right. I will probably send back. Hefty shipping charges.


According to my Lucas Master Catalogue, generators 22258D/E were for 1956 MG cars. Generators 22265A/B were on 1952 - 1955 MG cars. I didn't check every part difference, but I did see they have different armatures at the least. cases are listed as the same part number as are the bearings and the brushes. They are both marked C39PV-2. Hope this helps.


Larry Karpman

The armature for the 56 cars would not tach drive take off since the tachs came off the end of the cams on the MGAs. Other than that and the end plate, they are the same generator. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Mine is the same as Colins, except I have "12" after the arrow. I am assuming this is the 12th month of 1954 as my car is Jan 1955. I understand some Wolseleys had similar tach drive generators except the electrical connections were spade terminals, not ring.

Matthew Magilton

Keith, are you sure it is not a shallow stamping buried under paint? Just a thought. I have a couple dead carcasses at home- I'll try to look at the dates. Seems to me they are later however. George
George Butz

Keith, I checked my readily avialable cases, one has 22258E, C39PV2, LO, 12V, 12 55. The other 22265E, C39PV2 DA4, 12v, 2 59.. To my amazement, neither say Lucas anywhere! These cases came with Lucas marked endplates, and since they have Lucas part #s, they no doubt are.vEvidently that is how some of them came. George
George Butz

Thanks for all the information, I think I now have it sorted out, and this one without the Lucas, while it probably would work, is not the "correct" one. The correct one is what the manual says, and what Colin has and Larry mentions, is 22265.

Keith Murphy

Hi Keith - just another Lucas case with numbers ! Mine has no Lucas letters but does have the Lucas 'three arm steering wheel' emblem in front of:-

22258D 2 55
C39PV2 LO 12V

So in Feb. 55, this is correct for a TF,and it appears from George Butz's nos. that the service no. suffix E had come in by Dec. 1955 and went on into 1956, as per Larry Karpman's Lucas Catalogue info.

It would appear that around this time Lucas letters were not on all dynamo cases but the emblem should be !

My TF is a Nov. 54 build but I kid myself that the original dynamo failed and was replaced under warranty in the spring of 1955 !

Cheers John.
J.C Mitchell

My 55 TF (Chassis # 7452) has a generator identified as LUCAS 22744E, dated 4-69. It is ovbiously a replacement, but I would be curious as to what car it was intended to fit. Perhaps Larry could check his Lucas catalog.
Michael Munson
Michael Munson

While the 2-54 generator that started this link did not have Lucas on it, it did have the three arm steering wheel on it! I didn't realize it was a Lucas logo and wondered about it. I have returned the 2-54 generator casing to Abingdon Spares, and will run with my 1967 version. Abingdon is very good about returns I might add. Bobbie there is a pleasure to work with and very patient with me!

Keith Murphy

Michael: My "other" Lucas catalog ('48 - '62 Cars) shows the 22744 fitting the :

AH Sprite MkII
The MG midget
and lo and behold, the MG TD and MG TF!

My Lucas Master Catalog was published in the UK and is massive and loaded with pictures and every conceiveable spare part and number. The one I mentioned above is from Lucas North America, and is much newer than the Master and much less detailed. Perhaps the number 22744 is a North American replacement part number??

Have to say that I'm confused now :-)


Larry Karpman

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