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MG TD TF 1500 - Magnetic Wheel Well Protector

I am finishing up a restoration on my TF. The body guy suggessted I get some magnetic film like they
use for signs to stick on the sides of cars. (I don't know where to get it)
It would maybe protect rocks and debris from flying up an cracking paint and I could remove for shows. Has anybody heard of anyone doing such a thing or am I crazy?

Keith in NJ

Might be worth a try Keith. Sign would be the most logical place to find sheets large enough to do the job. You could test with a smaller piece. Your local Lowes, Depot etc. Should have some sheets designed for vent covers that might be less money.


As to where to get magnetic material, I have a client who is a sign shop and makes up signs with such material. Comes in large rolls, in various grades of thickness. I would suggest trying local sign shop, who may either be able to sell you some, or give you a contact with a wholesaler. RUSS YOUNG
D R Young

I think if I was worried about under fender chips I would rather use something like clear bra. I would worry about the magnetic stuff falling off and causing worse problems. Have a good day!

John Progess

Keith, I have used magnetic signs on company vehicles and after removing them there was evidence of abrasion under the material on the surface of the vehicle paint. I think the shop was able to buff it out but you might be aware if this is new paint job for show. We were careful about cleaning both the inner surface of the magnetic sign and the paint surface before application. I think there must just be some shifting around going on due to vibration, and the surface of the clear coat was pretty slick.

D C Congleton

Highly reccomend that you don't do it! I had a magnetic 'P' plate on the back of my MGB while i had a provisional licence at 18 and after 12 months the paint had bubbled and lifted terribly. Strongly suggest you go for a clear stick on type material. Helicopter tape would be ideal i think.

My 2 cents. John.
J Hastie

That magnetic material doesn't take 'bends' very well... You know, the under fenders do a pretty good job protecting the body panels from least I hear quite a few hit under there....!

Thanks all. I am now thinking of using the clear mask vinyl that are used on many fine cars. My friend bought a new Aston Martin and it came with the clear film on it. I am thinking in addition to the under side of fenders, even on the lower part of front fenders. Also they put on headlights. Lucky my Lucas 700 original lights havent been crackes by now. Here is the website for the 3m stuff. What do y'all think?

I have a friend who put that film on his TR6 along the rear arches where the chips usually appear...been a year and no chips...and he lives in Idaho where dirt roads are sometimes unavoidable!
Bob Doc
Bob Dougherty

Keith I can vouch for one area that will take a beating on your TF. Its the front of lower rear fenders(wings). I get rock chips galore there. It would be a good place for the clear protectant.


Len, Good idea I think I forgot there - I think you
are talking about the beginning of the rear fenders where they go into the running board. Right?

Thats correct Keith. Lots of nicks on mine to about 1/3 of the way up the front side of the fender.


Is there much demand for some precut stonechip guard film?

I work with these materials... and when i can next find a spare moment, i'll start designing a template.

Wills, A template for that would be very nice. I do not know how it would go without one. If you get them done for the "front" of front and rear TF fenders, let me know. Last I heard, stones are about the same in Australia as in the US!


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