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MG TD TF 1500 - Manuals Worth Having?

This Morning, 3 books arrived from a friend until I can get my own. I'm interested in comments as to their overall value for maintaining my TD. They are:

1. "The MG Workshop Manual" By W.E. Blower
2. "MG Autobook One" by Kenneth Ball
3. "T Series Restoration Guide" by Malcolm Green

All Comments appreciated.
L Karpman

Other than Neil Cairn's engine book, you have all you need to become hopelessly infected.

Reprints of the actual factory manual "The MG midget
(Series TD and TF) Workshop Manual" issued by The British Motor Corporation Limited, MG Car Division at Abingdon on Thames are available and is very good. It is available from several sources, but also shows up on ebay at times, for possibly a better price.
Likewise a reprint of the originals owners handbook is valuable for routine user questions.


Dallas Congleton

Thanks folks. All good info. As for being infected, I was infected many, many years ago, but for some reason my British car malady mutated to the mid-eighties Jaguar SIII strain. After 17 years, that seems to have gone into remission, but the MG T Series strain has reared its head again :-)

This forum is a great place!
L Karpman

Great, thanks for that - I'll add the first two to my MG Booklist website. Been meaning to add the Blower book for a while actually, it's quite famous I gather...

---------------------------------------------------- <- my next MG web project! :)
S James

And a new edition to the list:

The Sacred Octagon on CD-ROM
Covering all issues from 1964-2004

Available from the New England MG T Register.

Larry Shoer

The most important as far as I am concerned: "The T-series Handbook" from the New England MG T register. Fabulous reference, how to adjust valves, set carbs, in language you can understand, paint codes, etc. Unlike the older books, they know you can't take your part to the Lucas Service Depot, etc.!These articles are in the CD as above, but the relevant articles are all together in the book. George
George Butz

Seems they no longer stock that book. Have to hunt elsewhere.
L Karpman
George Butz

IMHO, if your concern is with keeping the car on the road, there is none better than the Workshop Manual that Dallas mentioned above. Moss sells it as their Item #210-400. Again IMHO, Blower's manual is a great book for folks with pre-TD cars, but is of only general interest in keeping a TD up and running. I'd be happy to loan you mine to have a look at before you invest in one. Just send me your mailing address. As George indicated, the Technical section of the NEMGTR handbook is invaluable for keeping your car tuned up.
Bud Krueger

Bud - Thanks for the kind offer. I will buy the book. It seems to be available.
L Karpman

I just bought a load of TD parts from a guy here in Pittsburgh, and included was a fairly clean copy of the MG TD/TF Factory Shop Manual, which you can have for $10 plus shipping to TX.

Please contact me offline if you are interested with your shipping address.


PS Welcome to this Forum. I vintage race a 1950 TD, and I can tell you that the guys that frequent this Forum have bailed my butt out more times than I can remember, or more times than they know, when I got stuck on something!
Jeff Brown

Thanks! I have emailed you.

L Karpman

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