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MG TD TF 1500 - Mark I and Mark II I have # TD20733 ?

I have a ground up restored TD: # TD 20733 with a correct XPAG engine...what is the difference in a mark I and Mark II.

Are values different or is it horse power?
Thanks for the help
Tony G
Tony Giordano

Hi Tony, think the MK2 had dual fuel pumps, higher compression ratio and larger valves (same as the TF head?).

I'm sure somebody here will know a alot more about it than me though!


That's my information:
1950 saw MG release the MG TD Mk II. With a more highly tuned version of the XPAG engine producing 57bhp at 5500rpm, bigger carburetors and further improvements to the suspension, the MK II furthered the MG TD's sales success.
GK Guenter

The main differences are to the engine and carburation, and damping.

As above there are two low presure fuel pumps to 1.5in carbs; the inlet manifold is therefore larger and has a different air cleaner (central 'dimple') and a bulge on the bonnet side to accommodate this.

The inlet and exhaust valves are larger with stronger springs.

The head has a higher compression ratio.

There are additional dampers (Andrex) which are adjustable

Higher rear axle ratio

And most inportant there are 'Mark II' badges on each side of the bonnet and on the rear bumper.


What is the actual engine number on the Car number plate?

The TD Mk II or Competition Version has serial #'s TD/C XXXXX and engine numbers XPAG/TD3/ xxxxx and have the larger valves, 1 1/2 yn H4 carbs and minifold, dual fuel pumps, Andrex Shocks, etc

Confusion often arises because of the XPAG/TD2/ xxxxx engine designation (which indicated the 8 in clutch introduced at TD 9159 and thereafter)
These 8 inch clutch versions were sometimes known as TD2's, not to be confused with the competition version, the TD Mk II with XPAG/TD3/xxxxx engines.
Only later versions had the TD Mk II badges on the hood

Unless your car has a serial # with TD/C it is not a Mk II.
Unfortunately, a number have bought a supposed Mk II because of the TD2 in the engine number ( we have had three members in the past that thought they had early TD Mk II's)

You can verify what you have at

Car TD 20733 EXLNA had engine number XPAG/TD2/21110 and was built 9 October 1952
Don Harmer

Could someone post some good pictures of the TD MKII air cleaner for me. A friend has a Mark II and we need one for his restoration.

I have also always thought that some earlier indications that the MKII came with bucket seats were incorrect. I have only seen one factory photo of a TD with bucket seats. I dont think they were actually used in production.

Any thoughts,


This is TD 29276
is it a Mk 2 ???

GK Guenter

and the aircleaner

GK Guenter

GK - that is just a TD2 the engine with the larger clutch. Yours properly carries the smaller carbs and the standard air cleaner.

As Don mentions - a TD MKII or a TD/C - meaning TD/Competition - has larger carbs and cleaner mentioned above,

Hope that helps you.

Don said "we have had three members in the past that thought they had early TD Mk II's"

I bought my TD from the original owner in the early seventies. He had advertised it as a Mark II, and sincerely believed it was a Mark II, because of the
"TD2" in the number. I saw at once it wasn't and tried to explain this to him. He got that "look" on his face, so I could see he was convinced in his own interpretation so I gave up explaining the difference.
As the price was fair for a regular TD2, I went ahead and bought it. He probably still believes he owned a "Mark II"

Production records indicate there were 1710 TD Mark II's produced, of which about 2700 survive- ;^)


D C Congleton

Tragically, at least two of our members paid a premium price, thinking they were buying a "rare" TD. It was only when the club registered the cars with the Southeastern MG T Register, an overseas Centre of the MG Car Club, has registered all our cars with the MG Car Club. In this process we discovered the false TD Mk II registrations.

Don Harmer


As the custodian of TD/C 17198, my understanding over the years, (have owned it since the early 70's and raced it since), of what constituted a MKII, (at various times), is as follows:
-ID designations of TD/C & XPAG/TD3
-Large valve head with raised comp.(same as TF)
-1 1/2" carbs, with 10" 'pot' and larger air intake
-supplemental Andrex shocks at 4 corners
-3/4 race cam
-TF rear end gears
-bulge in right lower bonnet panel to accommodate the larger air intake manifold
-dual fuel pumps and dual fuel supply lines, with balance hose between carbs
-badges at the sides of the upper bonnet panels and the rear bumper
-Black, not Brown (a la TF) radiator badge
-chrome, not interior matching color rad slats...

The vast majority of the MKIIs were LHD, to supply the US market, so RHD MKIIs, are unusual, (hate the word rare), as they would have been sent to the remaining colonies, as was mine (Hong Kong).

Safety Fast
Paul Gaynor

Paul - are you sure about the change in badge color - since production on the TDCs started in 50, I doubt they would change the color so soon. That is interesting - I have never seen or heard that.

Any thoughts on the seats and the pics of the larger air cleaner?



No question on the badge.
Never on the bucket seats, one more urban legend.
Photo seems to be std pot with 1 1/4 carbs.

Would send photos, but my MMII is currently sporting a Marshall J75.

Paul Gaynor

I think you are right on the seats - they thought about it and didnt do it - they look odd in a TD - the one factory photo is in The Magic of MG in the TD area pics.

I agree on the photos above - standard carbs and air cleaner.

If anyone ever sees a larger TD MKII cleaner please post a pic!



The original thread referred to a Mk 1. I have heard this term before, but to the best of my knowledge, there never was a TD Mk 1. Can anyone confirm the existence of a Mk 1.
George Raham
G. L. Raham

Here is the picture showing a TD fitted with bucket seats - most likely never actually offered.

Interesting though


J Delk

Wish that picture was shot higher so the seats would be more visible.

I have a Mark II, serial TD/C 18895, XPAG/TD3/19184 built in August, 1952. It does not have the badges or chrome grille slats.

In "Original MG T Series" by Clausager, he lists the special trim package for the Mark II model beginning with TD/C 22613 in December, 1952 consisting of enamel badges on the hood and rear bumper, chrome radiator slats, radiator badge change from brown/cream to black/white and a radiator style badge on the spare tire hub cap. He indicates that only 315 cars were so equipped. Previous to TD/C 22613, Mark II trim was the same as the standard TD. The only visible difference was the bulge on the right hood panel to clear the larger air intake manifold.

Also in the book is a breakdown of the engine designations:
XPAG/TD - Engine numbers 501 thru 9407 with 7.25" clutch
XPAG/TD2 - Engine numbers 9408 upward with 8" clutch
XPAG/TD3 - Mark II engines only from 17029 (earlier Mark II engined had standard prefixes)
John Masters

Thankyou all for your help in this matter...I have a new appreciation for the car now.
Tony Giordano
Tony Giordano

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