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MG TD TF 1500 - Matching luggage...?

Last winter (not sure if i posted this already or not...hmmm senior moment)...I was buying an oriental carpet for one of our theatre productions, and the owner of the Antique store just wouldn't come down in price... even though we had the budget, it was the principle of the thing! Anyway... the most she would go was $25.00 off... I looked around the store and saw two pieces of old '50's green luggage...a medium and small set of suitcases. The green looked pretty good and I said if she threw those in I would take the carpet...
Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I stuck the suitcases in the corner of my living room (I'm a bachelor and can leave stuff lying around). Today I thought I should test out the luggage rack i'm building so I took them out and put them in the passenger seat (whew...glad i'm making a rack...)...anyway... low and behold its the identicle colour rexine/vinyl/whatever... Its not 'close', its not 'sort of', it is the exact colour... !!!!!
So, a couple of MG lapel pins stuck in the cases by the handles and I will have 'matching MG luggage'.
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Very smart Gordon - not so sure about the size of your window - John.
J.C Mitchell

Its the exact same dimension as the original I replaced this winter... maybe the angle of the shot makes it look smaller? Really don't like the large ones i've seen on some aftermarket tops.
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Very nice Gordon. Did I send you the photo of Niagra Falls frozen over (1911) ?


No...send away?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

You have mail.

Gordon - I like the size of your window and guess it's similiar to the original. It's just a good job no one drives T's with the hood up - do they ????...

(I do esp if cold and/or rainy not uncommon in the UK !)

Cheers John.
J.C Mitchell

Here are the photos of the rack....

Yes...I tend to drive it a lot with the top up and sidecurtains out... just like the look of it I guess.
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Good job on the rack.
Would love to have a couple of the leather straps, but could not find on Princess Auto. Larry
Larry Brown

They may have been a local sale (Hamilton, Ont, Ca.), but they had boxes and boxes...belts for tool belts...tiny bit thinner then I would have liked!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

When you get those trunks loaded up you will know the true meaning of TAIL WHEEL steering. Actually I like them as they suit your black car. Nice work on the rack.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders

The large one is for cleaning supplies/spares...the small one is for an extra pair of jeans and T-shirt!!!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Looks great. I especially like the sticker!
Carl Floyd

I love those old cases, they're in great condition. And they really do match the interior, as well as being period looking.

The woodwork, of course, is fine and functional with a period look, too!

As usual... if i was doing it again, the horizontal slats should run out 4" or so past the verticals...think that would look a bit better (and hold wider stuff).
gordon lawson - TD 27667

A tale from my trip to Triathalon V. I found a great set of old luggage like yours (although it didn't match as nicely!) and had it on the luggage rack. I have the fold down type that sits below mirror level. All was great and the luggage looked great...until the rain came!!! Make sure you have a good set of black plastic bags to cover the luggage with, as I can tell you from experience...they ain't waterproof!
Robert Dougherty

After a number of years of 'canoe camping' and even with my fondness for keeping 'era specific', there ain't nothin like a package of garbage bags, and a sheet of plastic with earth magnets.....!!!! Thanks for the tip...(especially with scattered thunderstorms forecast for three of the days !!!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Earth magnets? That must be rocks, eh? BFR's?

"they ain't waterproof"
Hey Gordon....A good idea from my better half:
Get some spray water-proof for shoes just in case you hit a puddle or a lawn sprinkler on the way!

I would opt for "clear plastic" over "black bags" ...those are TDC to not show off even if it is rainning!

David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

If Gordon wraps his luggage in plastic and it rains on the way, the luggage is the only thing that will be dry. ;>)

Dallas Congleton

Hi All:
Back in the "old days" we used to jamb a leather suitcase behind the passenger side headlamp of our TD and snap a bungee cord around it. Off we would go for the week-end. Luggage racks were for Lawyers and Doctors who could afford that type of thing. Too bad I never thought of building a wooden rack. Great solution.
John Crawley

That was a $8.50 luggage rack...the wood was offcuts from a job done at work, the brackets welded up by a co-worker from scrap. Paid for the belts, screws and 2 bolts...
My name isn't 'Gordon Bruce' for nothing!!!!!
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Having a bit of Scottish blood myself, I've made up the rack from
Bud Krueger

It looks like this Bud
Bud Krueger

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